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Monday, November 30, 2015

In the same vein as my previous post, today I want to introduce you to a whole new world.  Specifically, the world of wedding videos!
Better than chick flicks, a good wedding video makes my girly heart so happy.  Everything is happy, beautiful, and innocent.  Y'all ready to cry??

Erica & Steve

How does one couple look so magazinely picture-perfect?  They are true goals :D

Audrey + Jeremy

FLOWERS IN THE HAIR.  If I don't do this at my wedding somebody pour cold water over my head and shake me silly!

L and D

I adore the sweet contrast of how small and petite she is, and how much he, frankly,
 towers over her ^_^

Carly and Jon

This property+the view+this couple are just too gorgeous for words! 

Chelle and Matthew

 I can't get over the part when they're in the field talking to each other, and he is so completely focused on her.  Not to mention the fact that he cries as she walks down the aisle.  Because, you know.  That's totally cool.  :D  What a sweet picture of unconditional and unashamed love!

Ian and Corbett

This one is the real kicker, peoples. I saved the best for last! I love the unique touches, from the button flowers to the rice crispie wedding cake.  So, absolutely, darling. 
This is one I love to save for a rainy day and watch on repeat.  Not like I do that, though.  *cough* 

Sorry not sorry for starting you on a path that you'll never be able to return from.  Wedding videos will forever and always be better than Netflix!  :D

Happy last day of November,
Chloe <3

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    Did I just spend more than a half hour watching all of these?

    ....yes I did.

    BUT MY BEST FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED OKAY AND I AM STOKED. AHAWKEG. seriously, though. i cannot wait for the day i meet my man and we get to have flowers and white dresses and tuxes. squee.

  2. I can't wait to sit down and watch all of these this weekend ;)

  3. What a perfect post to find on your blog for my first post as a new reader :D SO cute


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