The Girl Behind The Blog

This blog, in a nut shell, is me writing, which I love, about things that I love, for the people that I love!!!!  

i always jump and get excited when I hear my text tone
i am a firm believer in sleeping in
i keep a terribly strict bedtime (Hahaha LIES)
i wish i could skip this whole high school thing
i love heart to heart talks
i dance to any music.  I'm not picky.
i sing terribly and with great gusto and lots of jazz hands
i think and overthink
i really like you!!
i need more Harry Potter books
i should be able to write an about me page by now
i make pumpkin bread like a boss
i still scramble into bed like there's a monster waiting to grab me (he's there! I swear!)

I believe in noticing the simple things in life.  I adore a good book.  Donuts=happiness.  People should laugh more. Reading and eating are two pleasures that combine admirably (amen, C.S. Lewis!).  Grammar is for chumps and heck, lick the brownie batter bowl!
Honestly, I'm just a Christian gal who thinks she should've been born in the South, y'all. 
I blog because I have words to say that have to come out somehow, and putting words on paper in a semi-coherent way is one of the most fulfilling things ever.  If I make you think, or laugh, or smile just a little, than I have succeeded.  Maybe you'll come out of here a little more inspired, a little more sparkly, and just a little more random. 



If the title itself isn't a dead giveaway, this blog really has no specific purpose.  It's not a food blog, though I will post recipes from time to time that I have loved.  It's not sorely about writing and being an author, though I will have a lot of posts about those things too!

Ask my friends to describe me in one word and they'll probably tell you that I'm random.  And that's why I've decided that I'm not going to assign a specific genre to my blog.  IACT is just that- whatever I decide that I want to ramble about today!  I love the liberty of it:)

I don't want to say that blogs with specific themes are bad at all.  I know so many blogs that have specific purposes and they just flourish.  I could probably make my blog into a living if I actually had a specific purpose.  But that's not what I'm after, and I'm fine with that (:

A few of the things I'll be blogging about...

Blogging Tips
Being a Writer
Book and Movie Reviews
My Life

I love to blog, I love my savior, I love writing and I love doing so many things there isn't enough room to say it all.  Thank so much for taking the time to look at my little blog, and I HOPE you'll come again real soon!