Relationship Thoughts From This Junior

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

// Relationship Thoughts From This Junior // 

Just recently, a good friend of mine entered his first serious dating relationship.  You know it's going to be good when he makes her a paper chain of things they'll do together, all leading up to him asking her to go ice skating with him on their first date! 

I was asking him all sorts of questions about how it came about (surprised?) and somehow we got to talking about his timing in planning the whole weekend.  It turns out that he was perfectly chill to take his time asking her out, so much so that she went off to college without him saying a word!  But he was waiting patiently on God's direction, and after talking with her, apparently she was as well.  "Yah, that (waiting) was pretty hard for her," He said.  "But she handled it well.  One of the things I hear her say about lots of things is "God will give me exactly what I need, exactly when I need it"."

Something (everything!) about this beginning relationship, one that grew from years of being high school friends, gives me hope.  Buckets of warm, happy, HOPE.  It makes me excited for future happy times with someone of my own, and reminds me that holding out for a cool Christian guy is not some ridiculous expectation! 

But for right now, that cool Christian guy of my own is probably off feeding the orphans in Zimbabwe or digging wells in a slum in India.  You go, baby!  So here I am in little Manhattan, trying to complete high school and drinking my eggnog lattes and loving them and not really loving all the lessons God is teaching me in singleness. All seem to be lessons in patience that I sorely lack, but that's beside the point!  COUGH.

I'm truly so very excited to find that hilarious, thoughtful, sexy man who will cuddle under big blankets with me and put up with my notebook-collecting fetish and even my peculiar disdain for the corn casserole at Thanksgiving dinner that I still try every time, hoping my tastes have changed.  They never do.

It's easy to wish God would hurry up with the lessons and bring along the reward!  But you know....  There's a lot of life left to live with my special guy.  High school+college are only a few years in the grand scheme of things!  A couple years of dating maybe and many moments of awkward definitely.  And I'm okay with that!  I'm okay to wait it out, figure things out as I go, and call my mom a lot. She's going to regret getting me a phone by the end of my school years :)

There is still hurt from boys who seem to enjoy playing with my emotions and then leaving me high and dry.  There is still confusion, because I thought they liked me!  So why did they stop texting out of the blue?  Did I do something wrong?  It stings so much of rejection, disappointment, and failure. 

But God is the very best at turning my deepest longings and desires into beauty.  Because He never changes, I am going to cling to his promise of being my comfort and my joy. 

Can I wait a few years and be okay with not having a bae right now?  You bet I can.  Just watch me!

Because, after all, God will give me exactly what I need exactly when I need it. 

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  1. CHLOE. oh goodness, yes yes. Lately I've been learning to surrender the desire to God. But uh-uh, man, it is stinking hard. This post is an encouragement and I'm so very thankful for it! <3 <3

  2. I adore this, Chloe. Your writing is so gorgeous, and I get so happy whenever a post from you pops up!! :)
    "But you know.... There's a lot of life left to live with my special guy. High school+college are only a few years in the grand scheme of things!" <-- I love that so much. It's so, so true. A lot of my friends have been really trying to rush into a relationship, but it's really just not a great idea. Even though waiting can be difficult, I love how your friend phrased it- "God will give me exactly what I need, exactly when I need it". So, so true.
    <3 Love it.

    By the way, I tagged you over at my blog:)

  3. Great post, Chloe! I've seen people rush into relationships and marriage, and frankly, it isn't wise. Many times, those relationships end up failing, all because someone was impatient and unwilling to wait for God's best.

    And honestly, the waiting doesn't end when you "find the guy". Even after I found mine, even after we dated for a couple of years and decided to get married, there's still college to wait for. And all around me, my friends are getting engaged, and frankly, it's tough. I've been dating Sam for longer than some of my friends have /known/ their spouses, so it's easy to feel like I deserve to be in their shoes. But at the same time, I realize that rushing things is stupid, and God's timing is best anyway.

    Besides, that special person is always, always, always worth the wait. No matter how long.

  4. Chloe, I know this is old, but I want you to know that this is one of my favorite blog posts (and blogs) on the internet. It's easy to become disheartened in the relationship game, and I often find myself coming back to this post again and again for a dose of encouragement. So thank you, Chloe. Keep on doing what you're doing; you have refreshed my heart.


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