Gemma Abrams, Fifteen!!!! (A Day Late)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This might say something about my personality, buuuutttt Gemma's birthday was yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm just now writing this today!!!!!!

GUYS SHE'S FIFTEEN :D :D   I love this girl so dang much.  Funny story about how we started emailing, actually.  I don't know how many years ago this was, three, four, but I was sitting at the computer emailing, and I decided that (for some reason) I didn't have enough people to email (kinda like the friends thing on Pinterest?  I NEED MORE FOLLOWERS! But I digress).  A part of me vaguely remembered Gemma from dance camp the previous summer, and since Avery always sent group emails with her on the list I decided hey! let's email this random stranger I've only exchanged five words with in my life!  (again with the saying something about my personality) 
I made sure to specify that I was Avery's friend, and that I was not a stalker.  I'm pretty sure that was even in the title.  "From Chloe, a friend of Avery."  Yup. 

She responded relatively quickly, and soon we were emailing two to three times a day!  I still have a diary entry about this.  "BIG NEWS: I have found a kindred spirit/emailing buddy!!  Her name is Gemma Abrams, (or, Gemms) the infamous younger sister of Hannah Abrams!  She's super sweet, and a VERY consistent emailer. That's my kind of gal." :) :)

So we've been emailing and Skyping and texting occasionally and even sometimes talking on the phone ever since!  Haha I remember the first time I Skyped her, I was so stressed out.  We'd been emailing for a long time but I'd never heard her talk, and I'd only seen her in pictures.  (we sent each other a lot of those).  My thoughts were a mixture of "what if she doesn't like me? what if I don't like her as much as when she emails? what if I hate the way she talks? what if she thinks I'm annoying?"


Guys I had absolutely nothing to worry about.  Gemma is one of my best friends now!!!!!!!!!!!  She is FUN, she is witty, she is honest, she is loyal, she's a Whovian and a Ringer and a bookworm and a chocolate hog. 

Some random facts about her......

-She loves Doctor Who so much she owns her own sonic screwdriver and doctor who scarf, has seen all the episodes (I'm almost positive), hates Rose, and loves the Ninth Doctor.
-She also loves Winnie the pooh and has exceptional pooh-drawing-skills
-She helps lead a dance group on Tuesdays and Thursdays
- She sneezes when she eats chocolate!
-She loves Thor and Avengers and will quote it with the best of us!  (we've had so many MARVEL quoting wars over Google+)
- She dislikes math, waking up early, Harry Potter (she's crazy), and people abbreviating doctor who to dr. who.  Trust me, I only did that once.
-She's an impulsive writer :D
-She has three Newfoundlands.  I think.  I just know her family has them and she loves them. I'm not overly concerned with numbers:)
- She doesn't really take much time with her spelling which leads to quite a bit of confusion and laughter
-She sends me emails every Tuesday with a biology joke and just to tell me she's thinking about me while I go to class!
-She fangirls over The Way of Kings book series and has convinced me to read it when our library gets it
- She's a total Lord of the Rings geek. I'm sorry. There's no denying that one.
-She enjoys reading Shakespeare
-SHE HAS A LLAMA SWEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Enough said.

She's pretty stinkin awesome if you hadn't already picked that up, and she turned fifteen yesterday!  I'm so blessed to have a friend like her! Love you Gemmy!!!!!!


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  1. Chole, your personality. It makes my day. :) Thank you for your joy!! What a blessed girl Gemma Abrams is to have you as a friend and sister in Christ!

    AH! We need to get together for coffee soon! Before it get too close to the end of semester and graduation and what not. Let's talk about that ;)

    Love you girl,

    1. I ALWAYS ALWAYS love your comments Abby!!!! Just re-reading it made me smile all over again. Thank you!! Can't wait for our date! Love you too!

  2. I'm with you Chloe!!! She's totally awesome!! (WHoo shoo! Go LOTR geeks!!)

  3. Oh, I know I told you this before, but your posts are so fun! The fact that you know so much about Gemma is still more proof of what an incredible friend you are! Your blog posts are the best!

    1. Thank you Hannah, that means a lot!! ;)


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