My Dear Departed iPod

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Iddy the iPod passed away early this morning, March 23 of 2014.  He was adopted at Best Buy two years this March by his loving owner, Chloe Salts.  We will all mourn the death of this valiant electronic.  Through his years of service many models of him were made and improved, but Iddy stayed through numerous accidental droppings.  This is, regrettably, how he died this morning.  It started with a malfunctioning home button, which then led to a complete shutdown of our dear departed friend.
Iddy was loyal, Iddy was durable, Iddy was a source of mindless entertainment.  Many life decisions were shared through Iddy, and many memories created.  I feel as though I've lost a close friend, which is what he was to me.  Iddy saw me cry, Iddy saw me laugh (a.k.a. hours of Studio C on his tiny screen), Iddy saw me attempt the selfie again and again (he never judged).

This iPod is a beautiful example of giving it all you've got until the very end.  Even as he grew slower and slower, (no comment on how long it took him to send texts) he continued running until an untimely hit on the head.  We can all learn a lesson or two from this little deceased iPod. 

We are gathered here to honor the death of an electronic who was very close to me.  Although his body can no longer be with us (I'm already planning on selling him) his spirit still lives on, through the inconvenience of having to log in on the computer if I want to look at my emails even for ten seconds. 
Please bow your heads for a moment of silence, and note that no longer will music from Iddy fill my room, no longer will he be there to motivate me on.  Let the silence settle over you, and remember that Iddy wouldn't want us to be sad.  He lived a good life, and has no way inconvenienced anyone with his death.  At all.  Why would you think that.  Of course not. 

Now go, and spend the rest of your day meditating on how Chloe can get more money to buy a replacement for Iddy. 

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  1. Oh, dear. *hugs* I'm truly sorry for your loss. Iddy sounds like he was a lovely fellow, and he will be forever remembered even by those who did not know him, but will sorely miss his owner's texts until she purchases a new one.

    1. Your condolences are like balm to my wound.
      Too much?
      :) Thanks Elly dear. I'll miss texting you too!!

  2. Just so you know, your blog posts make me smile. That's all :)

    1. Just so you know, your comments always make me smile!!! Thank you dear :)


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