Natalie Peterman: Eight months late

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I had so much fun writing Gemma's post that I decided I'd write one for another one of my best friends, Natalie Peterman! Seeing as how I only gave her a card for her birthday (WHICH WAS EIGHT MONTHS AGO) and no gift (I'm still ashamed of myself for that) I'm going to gush over her today just for fun.  We'll call it, what is it, from Alice in Wonderland... oh yes.  A very un-birthday!

Two Years Ago!!! 
I've known Natalie for as long as I can remember.... We went to church together for a long time, and I have vague memories of being in numerous bible studies with her.  It was either at church or at her house, and the times it was at her house I remember laying on the floor watching their rainbow colored fan blades rattle at such high speed I thought it would fall on me. 
Another memory around that same time was another bible study, except this time at the Smiths' house.  I remember playing Break the Ice with Jordan Moldrup, walking in their backyard and talking about how a six year old had a phone and we didn't, and gorging ourselves on Mr. Smith's real-deal-oh-so-heavenly popcorn. 

But I never really got to know her until a few years later when we were in a writing class together that Mrs. Peterman put on.  I started to get to know her better, and we began emailing (that's like how I've started all my closest friendships! emailing does wonders peoples!!)
Natalie and I have made some pretty awesome memories together. Remember the time we tried to make those pancake things as a breakfast for two after a sleepover? the ones that tasted like rubber?  Not even mountains of powdered sugar or syrup fixed it, but it was still fun!
Remember when we got locked out of the house? (don't ask how recently this was)  And had to climb through Blaize's window?  Yup.  Good times.  :D
Or that one time where we spent the whole day at your house, playing volleyball and talking and making a package for Hannah (who was at CYIA) and then more talking!
OR OR OR OR volleyball memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have so many of those with you!!!!  Like too many to sort through.

Natalie is one of the sweetest most loyal and considerate friends I have.  I love getting to see different sides of her, like the 10 a.m. Natalie and the 10 p.m. Natalie.  :D :D enough said!

Some random facts about her....

  • She loves the snooze button on her alarm clock :P
  • Anything chocolate and she's sold!
  • She has a wet sense of humor
  • She hates carrots, writing fiction, and cooking
  • Her version of studying for a test is cramming at the very last minute;) :) It works well for her so who am I to judge?
  • I would say how long she's been playing volleyball except I can't remember. I know she started at a pretty young age and has been playing and progressing and doing really well every since! 
  • She loves cats and bunnies
  • She's also really good at photography.  Some of her pictures look so professional it takes me awhile to realize that she actually took them!  She has so many gifts!
  • One of the only movies she's cried at is "The Kid".  I think.  I'm not even sure about the title but I remember her saying this movie was sooooooooooo sad.
  • She has BEAUTIFUL looonnnnggg chocolate brown hair.  It's so long!  and I love it! 
  • She plays the guitar!  
  • She's been to CYIA twice and is going again for the third time this summer!
  • She is so fun to have a conversation with! 
Seriously, send her an email.  Or find some way to talk this beautiful girl!!!!Happy LATE LATE LATE birthday my dear friend!!!!!! 

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  1. Awesome post Chloe! Yes, Natalie, is amazing. And it's basically her half-birthday, so just go with that!:) One more note, I'm pretty sure the movie was 'The Kid',:) but maybe I'm wrong.:) Nice post!

    1. Yes!!! Exactly!!! I'll pretend I planned that....;) :0
      and thank you, I'm going to fix that ASAP, I knew "the guy" wasn't right. Thanks girly!


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