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Friday, April 04, 2014

So it's been almost two weeks since Iddy died! (may he rest in pieces)  I'm doing much better the second week, especially with our busy schedule.  I wouldn't have had much time for him anyways! 
(I'm laughing as I realize how bad that sounds.  If any one read this post without knowing who Iddy was they'd most likely write me down as a cold monster with no heart

Some highlights of my week.....

Re-discovering the Betsy-Tacy series!!!  These books are the sweetest, most innocent and old-fashioned books you will ever read, and I can't remember how many times I've zippped through the series.  I can relate so much to the heroine, Betsy.  She's a rather ditzy, sociable girl who aspires to be an author, attempts to cook, and loves to match-make. *cough cough*
There's eight books in the series and "Betsy and Jo" is hands down my favorite. 

  Even the author's name is so beautiful.  Imagine having a last name like "Lovelace"!  I would imagine you would feel like you had to be elegant and dainty with that sort of a title. 

Another highlight was yesterday.  I love Starbucks, Abby loves Starbucks, so we made it a date!  She made fun of me for not getting any coffee (I'm a sucker for their pumpkin bread! what can I say?) while I complimented her on her shoes.  Gee.  I felt so loved. 


Just kidding!  Abby was VERY nice and VERY fun and her shoes really were adorable (okay everything about her was adorable), plus I concede that it is rather odd to not get coffee at a coffee shop but I'm not generally very normal anyways;)
We talked mainly about the Worldview camp that I legit cannot wait to go to this June!  This will be Abby's third year, so I considered her a veteran of war and peppered her with questions;)   We poured over pictures, camp schedules, and talked about rules and small groups and girls and the speakers.  Need I say it was fun?! 

Re-reading Kisses From Katie (by Katie Davis herself)!  I've been doing quite a bit of re-reading lately, and this one was actually for school.  I started this books ages ago but started to feel extremely guilty and bogged down by the fact I wasn't doing anything like she was.  I know, I know, terrible reason to stop reading, so I'm glad I get to try again;)  Her testimony is truly inspiring and motivating, and I hope to be able to love like she is, even just in my own home.

Katie Davis

I'm almost positive I already shared this with y'all, but I loved it so much I have to share it again!!  This is by far the easiest social media icon installing tutorial that I have ever found, and TRUST ME.  I've tried and failed at many!!   Click here to try it out for yourself!

OH another thing!!!  About a year ago a friend gave me a brand new  XLF-50 flash for a Canon camera that didn't end up working for my SLR camera. It has never been used before and is in perfect condition. If anyone would be interested I'm selling it on Craiglist for $35 here.  Or you can contact me at this email:


 Sorry about the shortness of this post, I don't want to bore you with the statistics of being a homeschooler and all that jazz.  :)  One more thing and I'll shut up...

My life in one gif:


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  1. I LOVE the Betsey-Tacey series!!! (They make you feel all fluffy and warm inside:) AND Kisses for Katie!! It made me cry:(

    1. Fluffy and warm!! Avery that is literally how I feel every time I pick them up. You are good!!!
      Yes I'm LOVING it. So inspiring. Wow.


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