Brynley invites you to a tea party

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The sun was shining, our windows were open, and pink balloons drifted lazily across the floor, as the clock struck 2 and the first little princess pulled up to join us for tea.  In her pink cowboy boots. :)

She had her hair curled specially by me:)

Don't they look so good?  Apparently the girls thought so because by the time our tea party had ended, every last little strawberry was gone.

Isn't the set up so cute?  Mom and I stayed up late into the night getting all ready for the girls.

The delicious lemon crème cupcakes with the same recipe Mary Frances and I used here!

The guests began arriving soon and were all very happily engaged in coloring tea pots and tea cups.


The little cuties!

First activity: Find the hidden tea bags! 

And then on inside where the real fun begins...

Tea party time!

The girls were all so cute with their tiaras and talk of holding their pinkies in the air while sipping "tea" aka lemonade.

Next stop...The dance floor!






And the birthday girl herself...


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  1. You did a wonderful job! The girls told me cupcakes were delicious, but I didn't realize they were the same ones we made. No wonder they were good! Your pics of the crowns are amazing and the girls still are wearing them! ( they've even stuck them on John Caleb!:). Tell brynley happy happy birthday for me!

    1. Well John Caleb wasn't the only one, Gabe had a crown on his head too! It must be a little brother thing..... :) :)
      And yes, Brynley loved the cupcakes that we made so much that she specifically requested them for her dessert!

  2. Amy was pretty thrilled to see herself in some of these pictures.:) Amy had a blast at the party and also said the cupcakes were delicious.:)


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