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Friday, June 07, 2013

You should know by now that I love smoothies.  Absolutely love em!  I seriously can't get enough of them!!  Some of my previous posts featuring smoothies...

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But today, I didn't want orange.  Or blueberry.  No sir!  We had frozen peaches in our fridge, and I wanted to use them!  So I decided to do a little peach&strawberry together, and lemme tell you!  It was delicious!

And of course, my siblings wanted in one this too.  I think my love of smoothies is wearing off, because it used to be the "disgusting thing" in our house to eat a smoothie.  Even I used to not like them.  But that could be because of their disgusting green color because of my mom's attempt to "healthify" them.... :) :)

Smile for the camera, dear! 
But I didn't get on here JUST to make you hungry with pictures of smoothies!  I wanted to give you a glimpse of one of my prominent characters in my new story: Dragon's Blood!
Please welcome my guest Theryn Peter, a sixteen year old who has graciously agreed to answer a few questions for you benefit.

Me: "So Theryn, let's get right to it.  My first question is this: What is your favorite memory?"
Theryn, relaxing in the chair: "Oh that's easy.  I have a lot, actually.  All of them are when Da was still with us, when he would take me fishing or have tree climbing contests."
Me: "Your family does those together?"
Theryn: "Oh yes.  Ma used to beat Sky all the time- she hated it.  Sky hates to lose."
Me, smiling: "Oh I see.  So she's competetive?"
Theryn: "Rather."
Me: "Aaahh.... I did not know that!" (yah, right. I made her entire personality!)  "So what do you think the best part about your personality is?"
Theryn: "Ask Sky, she's good at seeing things like that."
Me, turning to Sky: "Sky?"
Sky: "Hmmm... Well, he has a very strong sense of justice.  Hates it when people are being bullied or treated wrongly.  Particularly girls.  Remember that one time when you hit that guy because he was-"
Theryn: "Sky!"
Sky: "Oh- finnneee."
Me, hiding a smile: "So you do prefer shoes or no shoes?"
Theryn: "I always wear boots."
Sky: "And woah, do they stink when he's done with them!"
Me: "Do you use them to work around the house?"
Theryn: "Always."
Me: "That brings me to the next question; what does a regular work day look like for you?"
Theryn: "I normally wake up at five, and go about my normal chores with the animals and around the property.  Then Ma will call us in for breakfast-she makes the most amazing fire berry pancakes-"
Me: "Not to interupt, but what are fire berries?"
Theryn: "You've never heard of fire berries?  It's our family's crop, what we gow every year and sell in the fall!  They're juicy and ripe about the middle of fall."
Me: "I see!  When do you plant them? And do they sell well?"
Theryn: "Normally in spring, and then they're ripe to sell in the fall.  Yes, actually!  There's always a certain man who will buy at least half the crop from us!  He was a good friend of Da's."
Me, taking a sip of my smoothie: "I wonder if they'd make a good smoothie...So what sorts of things does your mother use them in?"
Theryn, talking over Sky: "Well, most every thing I guess.  Pancakes, oatmeal, some breads and often just to eat plain.  She also makes a fireberry wine that only Kesia (my older sister) and I are allowed to drink." *smirks at Sky* "But she sneaks it anyway."
Sky: "I protest! You've never seen me!"
Theryn: "Sorry sis, but I have."
Sky: "Hah!"
Theryn: "Christmas Eve? Last year?"
Sky, faltering.  "oh.." *she turns to me* "You won't put this is the interview, right?"
Me, clearing my throat: "No, of course not! So, what do you see yourself doing with your life as you get older?"
Theryn: "Missing an arm, it's hard to say."
Me: "I'm sorry:)  So what are three things you hate, and three things you love?"
Theryn: "I hate cowards, blood, and injustice.  I love my family, harvesting the fireberries, and sword fighting."
Me, astonished: "You fight?  With a sword?"
Theryn, nodding: "I practice everyday."
Me: "I'm impressed!  Now here's a question that I'm sure will be easy to answer.  Do you have a favorite sibling?"
Theryn: "No."
*Sky, who has been listening quietly, makes a small outraged noise*
Theryn, laughing: "Well okay.  If I had to choose the obvious would be Bren, my little sister."
Sky: "Theryn!"
Me: "Why would you say THAT?  That's rather out of character!  For goodness sakes I wrote that Sky was your favorite sibling!  Why, I even have you go-" *I falter* "Err, well, she doesn't know about it yet."
Theryn: "Chapter Five?"
Me: "Chapter Five."
Theryn: "Well when you put it that way, I guess I would have to say that Kesia is really fun to hang out with."
Sky: "Ther-yn!"
Me, quickly: "Thank you both for the lovely interview and I hope you will come back soon!  That is, if the dragon doesn't kill you first..."
Sky and Theryn together: "What?"
Me: "Noootthing...."

That was fun:)  Hope you enjoyed listening to my "interesting" charries, and if I've managed to make you interested in my story then my goal is accomplished. 

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  1. So cool! The way that you put it, you know somethings, they don't and yet they still have a mind of their own - awesome!

  2. This is awesome! ;) When I try to interview my characters my brain either shuts down and I end up completely failing, or my characters start arguing amongst themselves and the interview ends up being like five pages long. :P

    1. I've done that too! My characters were surprisingly cooperative this time...:)


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