It's Summmmmmmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

"It's SU-MMER, I love summer, it's a story waiting to be told!  There's ice cream, and there's cherry sodas, dripping down your chin...It's su-mmer, man where do we begin?"

:) :)  Excuse the little chorus line, but it couldn't have been better put.  I just love Summer.  Okay, well, to be fair, I love any season changes, but I particularly love summer.  With it comes some of my favorite things.  So I thought, why not blog about some of these things for you all?

:) The excuse to go shopping for new clothes!!
:) Diving in the pool on an unbelievably hot day and feeling the cold water wash over you
;) The smell of sunscreen
:) The tan you get!
:) Eating after you've been swimming for hours
:) Going barefoot
:) Fruit smoothies...

:) Staying up late
:) Waiting until it's dark so all the fire-flys will come out and you can run around catching them
:) More time with friends!
:) No school
:) Having "who can hold their breath under the water longest" contests
:) All the memories you  make
:) The chance to go to a camp!
:) Buying a new swimsuit
:) Dipping your toes in the pool water at least a hundred times before ACTUALLY getting in

:) Eating watermelon on hot summer nights
:) Icecream Icecream Icecream!
:) Wearing sunglasses
:) Having time to do things, like read books
:) Splashing water all over everyone
:) Jumping on our trampoline with the sprinkler underneath
:) A chance to wear shorts!
:) Getting out of the pool to lay on your towel and feel the sun... And then ten minutes later jumping back in
:) Strawberry popsicles

:) Sleeping in
:) Coming home from the pool and taking showers and crashing because you're exhausted
:) Going off a slide that drops into the water
:) Barbeques

So what are some of your favorite things about summer?  I know I can't have gotten them all!  

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