Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Something that God has really  been impressing on me is how important it is to be humble.  Why do I say that?  Welllll let's just say I've had some more recent opportunities to practice this little virtue, which turns out isn't such a little thing.
My first opportunity came on Sunday.  I had determined that one of my summer to-dos would be to learn how to mow the lawn.  In a family of brothers who always mow, and have their own mowing business, I've never needed to know how!  BUT I stubbornly insisted I wanted to know.
*sigh*  I can be so silly.
My dad was very sweet and was helping me learn how, but you must know that it's hard to hear someone over the sound of the mower.  And here's where my pride comes in.  I, not wanting to sound silly and not wanting to be constantly asking questions about it, didn't say anything even if I didn't hear him.  You're all sighing at my silliness, aren't you?  Well I was tired and prideful and most of the time when I didn't understand I'd just nod and start off, wanting to get it mowed.  Can you tell I was already getting tired of my silly idea?
I wasn't being humble and it resulted in frustrating my dad and making me mad.

My second opportunity came today in the form of Walmart.  I was quickly running through the self-checkout lane, a notebook clutched in my hand.  I scanned it and clicked "Finish and Pay" when I instantly regretted it.  I'm frantically going through my wallet, with a growing sense of horror.  The dollar bill that I thought I'd stuck in there wasn't there. 
So I had to swallow my pride and tell the Walmart man behind me that I didn't have any money and needed him to cancel the order for me.
It was hard. 

But God is God of mercy, and he's not just teaching me lessons about pride.  He's also giving me loads to be thankful for, and one of those big blessings is my room!!!!!!!!!  We've gotten it primed, the ceiling painted, and a lot of the trim put up!  Here's before and after pictures of the progress!!

These are from before we primed.

And these are after we primed!!!!!!

Doesn't it look so good?!?!?  Okay, and prepare yourself,  because these are  my favorite pictures!!

Doesn't the color look so good?!??!

Sorry about the picture quality, that one light bulb is annoyingly bright and I can't wait for it to go!

But this just makes me SOOO happy!!!!!!!!!!   :) :) :)  After we paint the walls a creamy white, we have to....
Finish trim
Put light ups
Put up outlets
The door

Not long know until you all can come over and hang out in my NEW ROOM!!!!  Someone do a happy dance with me!  :)

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  1. I am SO doing a happy dance right now! (I think my family is concerned about me;). That color is gorgeous and looks so clean and modern - double thumbs up!
    Another double thumbs up for your humility. It is THE hardest thing for me to do and working on it is a pain. Way to go. I hear you on the mowing - but God really showed me it was a way to affirm my brother through humbling myself and letting him teach me. That was hard. But in seeing God honors humility and that makes it a little easier each time.

  2. Oh, Chloe! Your room is lovely! I love the color, (it's so perky!) and I am so excited for you! Reading your blog posts is always thought-provoking for me. And, often, very convicting! Thank-you!

  3. Oh, oh, oh! I'm doing a happy dance in front of my computer!!!!! It looks AWESOME!!!! I want to come see it in person so badly! and great thoughts on humility... I love all your blog posts!

  4. I had sorta the same thing happen to me. I felt good the whole way to China cuz I had money to spend but when I got there and checked my wallet my money wasn't there. I was sad! I got hone and found 30 dollars siting near my bed. I forgot to put it in my wallet because I was in a rush to pack and leave.


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