Acne Tips&Things That Really Work!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Now I can't say that I've had it bad, so I can't fully sympathize with those of you who have.  But let me tell you I've got it: Acne.  *shudder*  Girls and boys all over the world have struggling, are struggling, and always will struggle with taming those awful red bumps.  For some they pop up on faces.  For others their neck.  For some, like myself, it's on their arms! 

But that ends today.  Have I got the product for you!  Tired of looking red? Tired of trying to conceal it and spending hours at the mirror?  LOOK NO FURTHER!!!

:) :) Okay, enough with the commercial tone.  But seriously! these tried and true tips have really helped me out, and I wanted to share them with you all!

Ways to get rid of acne
    Firstly, the greatest tip ever that I saw results from only a few days after using it!  yes it stinks, yes it burns, but are you willing to pay the small price of stench to look beautiful?  I thought so... :)

    This lovely looking bottle of stuff is really only two ingredients: Apple Cider vinegar, and garlic.  And WOAH can you smell it!!!!   Just a little bit of this smelly stuff on a cotton ball and you're good to go!  Dab it all over wherever you get acne, make sure not to go to close to the eyes, and wait a little for the smell to go away.  I promise you, it does!

    But I'm not kidding; this stuff works.  I was starting to break out really bad on my forehead, so my mom forced me (and I say forced me!) to start using it.  I'm so glad I did!!!

    My forehead is much clearer, and it's so simple that when we run out we can just make our own!

           2. Change pillowcases at least twice a week.  Your face is resting on these for a good portion of your day, and they can get grimy and dirty very easily!  Do yourself a favor and change them!

          3. Wash your face with a good wash once or twice a day.  Right now I'm using Bert's Bees face wash, and it always leaves my face feeling really tingly and fresh!  Scrub hard, and I've learned that if you don't get especially around your nose you'll get bad zits right underneath-those are the hardest to pop!

         4. DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE!!  That is off limits.  Try as hard as you can not to rub anywhere on your face, scratch it, or do anything like that.  It gets your skin oily and grubby.

         5. Last but not least, for all you who have bangs, keep them off your forehead as much as you can.  When you go to sleep pin them back, and when you're at home with your family keep them pinned back too- you can look ugly at home and no one will care!!! 
      Acne is hard, acne is ugly, but it's not the end of the world.  I'm so thankful there's ways of preventing it, and I hope you find that some of these work for you as well!  It's a bad feeling when you wake up like this lovely young lady thinking...

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      1. I am going to use that first tip when we get home! That is so helpful!

        1. Oh good, you should!! It works extremely fast, and after the first few minutes its not bad at all:)

      2. what is the "recipe" for the apple cider/garlic... ummm...solution? :)

        1. You really only need apple cider vinegar and cotton balls, garlic doesn't matter as much.

      3. My mom has a little pimple tool and it hurts like the dickens but after you pop them they settle down. Especially for the ones that hurt more and are red. Stuff that works for me is proactiv. I don't suggest you use it on your entire face because it made my skin really dry. I only get acne on my forehead but I do know people who get it on their back. Never heard of it on your arms!! If you are dilligent with putting on poractiv then you are good to go! Here in China I haven't washed my face much so I have broken out again. I had it under control before we left. Sometimes I feel really lazy and don't feel like doing it or I am tired so I skip it and go to bed. I don't suggest you do that! :)

        1. Yes I take that back; I don't get acne on my arms, it's just a bunch of little red bumps that look like acne! The apple cider vinegar has been helping them too!
          Agreed, Jerica. Never skip washing your face or you'll regret it!

        2. Definitaly! :)

      4. Guess what our family has to drink sometimes? Apple cider vinegar straight out plan. It helps your stomach but some of my family thought that it made it worse! It is terribly gross and strong but just thought I had to tell you that...:)


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