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The Blog-Post-Writing Process (As Illustrated by GIFs)

Monday, July 13, 2015

My dear blogglings, boy do I have a treat for you!! When the word gifs is in the title, you know you're in for it :)  And boy oh boy am I excited for you to hear what Aimee from To the Barricade has to say!  This gal is funny, snarky, and she does the BEST character posts ever.  I adore them.  Seriously, it's like I wrote this villain post myself- I can't agree more!

But I digress.

You really want to experience her writing and amazing gif proess for yourself?  Look no further!  I'll pass it off to her:)

Hiya! Aimee here. I’m going to start by extending hugs and thank-yous to Chloe, the lovely owner of this blog, for having me guest post today. It’s pretty awesome of her. I’ve been a fan of this blog for a while now, and it’s a bit of a miracle that I’ve been released into the wild for long enough to write a guest post of any kind. So much power. Aren’t you all so lucky to have me today?

Let’s hop right into this post.
Writing blog posts is hard. Really hard. If you know anything about it, you’ll know that even the fun ones take time, and effort, and lots and lots of thought. We all have different methods of typing up blog posts — some of us write them the day before, some at the beginning of the month when we schedule them all at once, or however else you prefer to do it — and today, I’m going to use gifs to put you people in my blog-writing shoes. This, folks, is a method you can definitely attempt at home. (Assuming you want to blog on the edge, in a near-constant haze of deadlines and last-second panic.)
Step 1: The Idea
It all starts with an idea, doesn’t it? You’re thinking and thinking and thinking and bam, that idea hits you out of nowhere. “That would be a really cool blog post,” you think. “I should blog about that.”

Step 2: Trying to Plan
Planning is an important part of blogging. You have to know what you’re going to post when, you have to figure out how you’re going to turn that idea in your head into a coherent post, and you have to pick a time to post it. Planning.
You’ve got plenty of time. Easy, right?

Step 3: Last-Minute Scribbling

This is the point where all that procrastination comes back to bite you and OH GOSH WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GO MUST WRITE POST. This is a regular occurrence in the world of blogging-like-Aimee.
Step 4: Insert ALLLL The GIFs
Gifs are definitely a blogging staple. And what better time to use them than all the time, whenever relevant or appropriate? A good, funny gif at the right time in a post can really steal the show.
There is always an appropriate gif for any given post or situation. Always.
Step 5: (Finally) Finish the Thing

Now, you celebrate by…
Step 6: Reading The Post After You Post It, And Finding Typos And Incoherent Sentences
This is inevitable. There is no escape.
And there you have it! That is how I blog. I’m sure other people do it better differently, and feel free to discuss that in the comments below, but that is how I blog.
Thanks again to Chloe for having me, and thanks to you all for reading this far! You’re all fantabulous (totally a word) and deserve chocolate. *distributes chocolate*

Aimee is a writer, reader, fangirl, homeschooler (and proud of it), Christian, Myers-Briggs ESTP, and many other things. She is fond of referring to herself in the third person, believing it makes her look cool. She blogs at To the Barricade! about writing, books, chocolate, gifs, life, and most importantly, sarcasm. You can find her on Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads.

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  1. Ooh, how wonderful! I literally just went over and checked Aimee's blog earlier today, hoping for a new post despite the hiatus, and BAM this post appeared in my Bloglovin' feed. Aimee uses like such wonderful gifs for everything, she has a GIFt for giffing clearly. The Idea is definitely where it starts, although half the time I forget to write down the idea and ... well. There it goes. Oh, and ALL the procrastination and the gifs.

  2. Kermit is me. I am Kermit. We all have a little bit of Kermit in us.

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  3. That is exactly what it is like, and omigosh Kermit.

  4. This is so me, and I think Kermit is my spirit animal because that gif literally describes my life. XD I loved this post, and all the gifs. Fantabulous! (P.S. I love your blog, and I'm following now. (-: )

  5. hahah the GIFs :') I can't say I follow this blogging routine, but maybe I actually do subconsciously. I feel like I'm more of a write when I feel like it, but the idea and planning had to have come before, right?

    The Life of Little Me

  6. I relate entirely to the first three gifs. I'm a bit more of a planner, I think, since I like to have my editorial calendar filled up to at /least/ two weeks out. However, the last minute scribble still happens, because I'm a perfectionist. .__. I also spend at least a day (usually more) thinking about the idea. I can never word properly without giving a subject ample thought. (And by ample, I mean tons.)

    Generally, I will write my posts at least a week in advance, queue them up on my blog, and post them on schedule. (I have a very strict schedule.) I also like to keep a list of ideas or potential post titles in my notes so that I have an arsenal to pull from when I'm ready to start the process of thinking about an idea.

    I just realized that the majority of my blogging is actually not writing. It's thinking. This is enlightening. Wait. I'm thinking about that now. :P

  7. Awwww, thanks guys! I had a ton of fun writing this post. <3

  8. This is great! And I love the GIFs! Especially the first one. That's pretty much me when I think k of a post idea.

  9. Such a helpful post! Great choice of gifs, by the way ;)
    thanks! xx

  10. I am step six all the way. I never realized that other people did it too. I thought that most people just proof read their post before it was up. There's something about seeing it in the real world that makes my proofing a little more urgent, haha.

    Fun post!


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