Save Me Some Peanuts

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Did you know that flying by yourself is scary?  Walking away from my girls and getting into a line with people who had eyes only for their phones and barely acknowledged the fact that we were taking our shoes off on a GRIMY floor is a little terrifying.  
Not to mention the fact that the entire time I'm inwardly panicking and certain that a security guard is about to come over to tell me I'm doing it all wrong and yup, they'll have to cart me away kicking and screaming to some little room where I'll have no way of contacting my parents-!!! 
The possibilities are endless.
But so is the potential.
So when I stuck my precious purse through the conveyer belt and moved mechanically through the line, I had Jesus' name on repeat in my mind.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
What a beautiful name!  It's in the terrifying times of life that I so acutely feel my need for my precious Jesus.  The funny thing is that I think he puts us in those situations just for that.  All the potential is there, and I only tasted a little bit, but lemme tell you-
it was beautiful.  The minute I stepped onto the plane, the most incredible feeling of LOVE literally vibrated through me. Even though that fear of the unknown still hovered at the back of my mind, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that Jesus was here and that He was keeping me.

Simple as that.
With that in mind I was able to sit down and eat my peanuts in peace, not bothering to hide the gigantic grin on my face.  I even got a few selfies out of it.
To be needed is such a wonderful feeling, you know.  A dear friend of mine and I were just talking about how we all as humans crave that feeling of being desired or wanted.  It only makes sense that we channel our love of being needed into a need for Christ. 

Flying is scary, and life is terrifying, and both just might bring out the needy part of you. It all depends on what you do with that.  Literally or hypothetically, taking flight will pull you and test you and give you a great reason to take a few pictures. 

So wherever you go, however terrified you are, don't you forget that Christ created us to need Him and that this is where He can shine if you will just let him.

And when He does....just save me some peanuts, will you?

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  1. Flying is scary, but it's something that I do have to get used to, especially since my family has to take flights in order to go visit places, being far isolated from the rest of the continent. I tend to pray when I go on flights, too (I always over worry or over stress myself, ya know)!

    xoxo Morning

    (P.S. Peanuts... I don't know why, but when I eat them in planes I get a huge headache, so I shy away from them.)

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing experience :) Going through airport terminals and getting on planes has got to be one of the freakiest things... I mean, who knows what you could've unknowingly done wrong? But it's so beautiful that Jesus is everywhere and protects us. And your friend was certainly right, we all want to feel needed. It's hardwired in us, but thankfully Christians don't have to spend their whole lives look for it, since they found it in Christ.

  3. I loved all of this post! I would probably be exactly like you if I ever had to go on a big, scary plane. (I've only ever been on a private plane, with my friend's dad as the pilot)
    It's so awesome how you found comfort in the name of Jesus, and I'm also glad that you eventually found that you enjoy flying! :)
    Great post!

  4. So sweet! This reminds me of Psalm 145:8 "The Lord is near to all who call upon Him".

    I remember my first time traveling solo I was super scared until I called upon the Lord's wonderful precious name. Suddenly I felt like I had the best travel buddy in the world. May we remember to invite our dear Jesus into all the slow and fast and scary and comfortable minutes of our lives. What a joy to live in His presence!

  5. I absolutely love this!
    Calling on Jesus' name in times when we feel alone or scared, it is a beautiful thing. <3 I think it draws us closer to Him when we seek Him in our time of need, and then that starts to spread everywhere else in our lives as a result of those experiences!

  6. love love this post<3
    i've never flown by myself, but i can imagine how that would be frightening! and just calling on Jesus name in times of need and trouble is another reminder of how much we need Him.

    (also your title is so on point xx)

  7. I love this quote from your post:
    " It only makes sense that we channel our love of being needed into a need for Christ. "

    I totally agree, and I never thought of it like that before. Thanks for the insight!

  8. Never having flown, I cannot even imagine how scary the experience must be! So cool to see you that your faith has helped channeled that fear into joy, Chloe. :D

    First time on your blog and I'm loving the quirky feel-Definitely put a smile on my face. :)

  9. Very nice post Chloe! I love it! I've only been on a plane once and that was when I was three or four.
    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in a challenge, at my blog:

    Happy blogging! :)

  10. I love this post. It made my heart well up reading it. Redirected my eyes for the day. Thanks :)


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