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Monday, June 22, 2015

Hey everybody!
Long time no chat, and I've been missing my peoples!  It's hot as a sauna around here, although the Oaken Sauna from Frozen might give us a run for our money.

*rubs hands together*  Let's get right to it, shall we?  First I'll show you what's been on my shuffle lately.  It's actually really thoughtful because it means you can now be the master multi-tasker I know you are and listen to my top picks while you look at my top pics!

(you see what I did there)

On my Spotify shuffle:

:: Rule the World (by Walk Off the Earth)
:: Ain't It Fun (by Paramore)
:: Shake (by MercyMe)
:: Reflections (by MisterWives)
:: Up (by Olly Murs)
:: Bad Blood (by Taylor Swift)

I GOT MY HAIR CUT AND AM KINDA IN LOVE.  I popped my "comfort zone bubble" a few weeks ago and tried a new salon (yay Chloe).  I think I looked very out of place with my jean shorts amidst all of the college students and middle age business women, but I didn't much care because I LOVE MY NEW HAIR CUT. Did I mention I love it?

Dear Sally.  Your peanut butter chocolate granola and I are in love and will be eloping at the most convenient time.  Sincerely, an infatuated granola lover.


I finally caved and bought a Camelbak water bottle.  Best. decision. ever! 
I was also just in time to bring him along for our trip to Colorado....

....with my person!  Avery and I, our two younger sisters, and both our moms, made the 8 hour trip to Colorado for the Undivided Heart Weekend Conference. 

Our view was incredible, and the speakers were extremely challenging.   

Not only that, but we got a special performance from His Little Feet Choir, which made up of orphaned children aged 6-13 from all different ethnicities.  Their voices rocked the church and made almost every one tear up as their sweet, soulful, joy-filled voices soared to Jesus.  It was amazing.  

Oh and before we get to the REALLY exciting part of this post, I had to show you what I found:

I know, right?  Genius in a package.


I am now the proud owner of a Hyundai Santa Fe!

That's actually a really crappy picture so I'll give you the "official" one:

It's not at all what I was looking for, funnily enough, but I couldn't be happier!  I was like a little mother hen the first few days, always having to peek out every window I passed just to gaze at it fondly. 

So there you have it; my past few weeks in a nutshell! I hope all y'all's Junes have been going fabulously! Stay classy, guys. 

Oh and one last thing; if you're wondering what else I've been doing with all my spare time (the oodles and oodles of it that I have!) you can just go check out my guest post at The Daisy Tree!  Hannah is darling and I love her blog.  Click here :D

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  1. That chocolate covered bacon... my word! :-D
    I found your blog through Hannah's and I've come over to have a look round :-)
    Great job!

    looks like your life has been brimming lately :) your new vehicle looks awesome, and I'm sure you have the best times driving ^-^ Your hair looks awesome <3

  3. Congratulations on your car!!!! :D *cue dance party* I also have to say, I loveeeeeee your hair. Like, a lot. I can't pull off short hair but yours looks absolutely amazing:)
    Grace Anne

  4. haircut?? more like hair-cute;) it is really pretty!
    fun to see another one of these posts again!

  5. Wait. CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON??? That is a thing?? I'm curious but a little dubious. I love bacon and chocolate but I'm awful at not mixing things, like ever. Literally I don't even put sauce on my food. I have it in a separate container. lol BUT I DIGRESS.
    YOUR HAIR CUT IS INCREDIBLE. Basically you're adorable.
    Yay and congrats on your chair!!

  6. Your hair looks great! (You too, you are adorable!) And that's awesome about your car!

    Oooh! Aren't Misterwives awesome!? I recently found them, and I love them!

  7. YOU WERE IN COLORADO?????? AGH. I am sad I did not get to see you, but I am glad that you got to see mah place. Plus, your car is fab and amazing. Lovely post, deary! ♥


  8. Your haircut is terrific! I'm in love with it!

  9. Your haircut is incredible! :D And please tell me you're mailing me a box of that choco covered bacon (kidding...sort of). >:) Well done on getting your new car! I've yet to get my Ps so I can finally drive (which is when I turn seventeen). :)

  10. haha this is great!
    Your new haircut is super cute! And I'm totally with you, I am sooo awkward in hair salons.
    Chocolate covered bacon actually sounds amazing, and I'm going to need to get myself some ASAP!
    And congrats on your new super cool looking car :)
    Great post!

  11. You look so cute with your haircut...and also, I love bad blood too ;) I love that you included that gif of Jennifer.
    And congrats on your car!!

  12. You sure have been busy! I love your haircut. I recently did mine too. I think this is the perfect time of life to experiment with new styles and get out of your comfort zone.


  13. Oooo, such a lovely update, Chloe! Your posts are always so fun to read, and this one was no exception. Sounds like really exciting things have been happening in your life lately, girl!

  14. YOU GOT A CARRR? And HOW did I not know this?! (Obviously I don't talk to you enough. This has given me a new idea, every time I haven't seen a friend in awhile, the first question I should ask is, "do you have a car?" just to make sure I'm all up-to-date on their life. :) Congrats on your car. And, as always, two thumbs up on sharing your life in your Chloe-style!

  15. Sounds like you're having a delightful summer, Chloe :)). Your car is huge! Our family car is only a little larger than that :D. Congrats!

    Also, I just love your new haircut - very pretty on you!

  16. Sweet! New hair & a new car? Awesome. I'm envious of your haircut, btw!

  17. I LOVE your hair! It's adorable! Congratulations on your new car also! How exciting! :)

  18. Oh my gosh, I just cut my hair, too! Your hair cut is adorable. Do you straighten it or curl it?

    Congrats on the car!!! That's so exciting!!!


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