Who Do You Share Your Milkshakes With?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Friendship is a funny thing.  You can't fake it, and you can't force it, either.  Friendship has to be mutual, built on layers of trust and sealed together with peanut butter, similar interests and love. 

If you felt like it, you could spend all day ranting about how friendships take so much work, and how much you've been let down or disappointed by friends before.

But here's the thing; what if you stepped back from your complaints?  What if you've zoomed in too close on your friend's flaws, and have stopped magnifying their strengths?  What if you don't listen anymore?  What if you've stopped caring?

Well, have you?

Like it or not, friendships take work- but honey, don't you dare give up on your friend now

I always imagined that I would have just ONE best friend, the girl who I recognized as bff material the moment I saw her.  Sometimes it happens like that, and sometimes you and your friend have to go through the rocky road before you get to the bottom of the container where all the caramel is waiting (haha, don't think too carefully about that analogy). Sometimes, it doesn't even look like one best friend but several.  What a glorious thing it is, to deeply love and be equally as cherished by true friends.

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes, so stop comparing.  Best friends take time, so stop rushing.

A true best friend is not someone who just knows what guy you like, and a best friend isn't even necessarily the person you've known the longest.  You know you've found your girl when she will speak Jesus over you in your dark moments, or will listen patiently far longer then she should. 

A true best friend might love to run, but will walk with you because she knows that running- well, running isn't really your thang.  A true best friend will call you up after an hour long texting session at midnight, just because she knows that something is wrong from your TEXTS and that you desperately needed to hear her voice.

A true best friend will buy you a volleyball t-shirt simply because she loves you, and will give you gum and a note to top it off.  A true best friend will put up with your crazy selfies, and respond with pictures equally as crazy.  A true best friend isn't boy crazy, but can give some swankin good advice on guys even so. A true best friend won't just say she'd love to be there- she will do everything it takes and then some to be there for you.

A TRUE best friend is running long and hard after Jesus, and is someone who points you to Christ through her words but even more so with her actions.

If I could go back and talk to little Chloe, I would tell her many things, but this would take priority:  Hold onto your friends, Chloe darling.  That book you would rather be reading won't matter a year from now, but you can bet your life that this friendship will matter a whole lot.  PEOPLE TAKE PRIORITY, and let it always be so!! 

People are where the memories are, where the late-night chocolate peanut butter popcorn is made and the secrets shared.  People are who you laugh with, rest your head on during movies, stay up too late watching scary things with (that are really only scary because you're together). People share chocolate ice cream, country songs, and dreams. 

So please, please, please- don't be so selfish that you miss out on one of God's best gifts for you: Your dear, messed up, crazy, beautifully imperfect friends.

::who do you share your milkshakes with, and how are you going to love them today?::

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  1. Chloe, thank you SO much for posting this. This is exactly what I needed today. Lately I've been really struggling with wanting that ONE best friend and being disappointed because it seems like everyone already has other friends. But even though I may not have that one BFF, I have some pretty amazing friends that I wouldn't trade for anything. :)
    Grace Anne

    1. I can completely relate to this struggle. When I was a bit younger, I would cry because I thought I would never have one best friend. Little did I realize how many other awesome friendships I was missing out on!
      I'm so glad that you do have an awesome group of special friends- hold onto them! <3 :D

  2. Oh, I love this. It's so, so true, and it made my day. <3

    1. Fabulousness. Hope the rest of your day is just as awesome as this morning!

  3. Thank you. Lately I've been feeling as if I'm alone right now. I mean, goodness, it's the summer! But all of my friend's are out of state, so I'm stuck at home, waiting. There is a tiny group of friends that I have who used to hang out with, but due to our schedules, not anymore. And now the people in this tiny group hate each other. But whenever I bump into them, we talk like I haven't seen them in years. And whenever I do get upset, I cry; but they're there to help get me back up and they will all get along mutally to see that happen. I'm real grateful for that.

    xoxo Morning

    1. It's so much easier to feel alone and secluded during the summer because of camps and summer jobs and just the fact that you don't have school or sports to see your friends regularly. So I totally get that.
      Isn't it amazing to have friends who you can pick up right where you left off with? Those are a dime a dozen, and I'm so blessed to have a few of my own ^_^

  4. This is just sososo perfect! Agh, I love this so much. Especially, "You know you've found your girl when she will speak Jesus over you in your dark moments, or will listen patiently far longer then she should." <-- AMEN!

    Now I want a milkshake, but more than that, I want to hang with my besties. I love how you said that people are more important than books--not always easy to see, since books are often my escape. But so true. My bestest memories are with my people.

    Anyway, yes! I love this post.

    1. Isn't it true, though? I feel so loved and cherished when someone listens to me, and listens well! ^,^
      Whooops, sorry:) I'm afraid I can't provide a milkshake. Dang it now I want one too! A great big chocolate milkshake. :D what's your favorite flavor?

  5. This is such a beautiful post! Best friends are amazing, I love mine :)


    1. Best friends are a dime a dozen, and so wonderful.

  6. I love this. It's so well written, and very true. Sometimes I wish I had more friends, but then I realise that it's better to have a few really close friends then lots of friends that you aren't actually that close to.

    Also, I might just need to try chocolate peanut butter popcorn! ;)

  7. This topic has been the source of many tears for me, because, though I've tried, I just haven't found those best friends yet, and the ones that I did find turned out not to be forever (not because I didn't want it/pursue it). But then I step back and realize that God gave me, as I call it, built-in best friends in the form of my family. My sisters and parents are so fun and we really are best friends. Plus, I look forward to college where I get to kinda start over with new people.

    Great post and reminder!

  8. I really love so many of the things you said in this post. I think a lot of times as I grew up, I was disappointed because I wasn't given the best friend I always imagined. I always imagined there would be ONE, that would do everything with me. But as a result, I think I was blessed with three that play different roles in my life.
    And I especially love how you said that your best friend isn't necessarily the person you've known the longest, because mine isn't, yet she still speaks Jesus over me, and has been that encouragement for me in dark times.
    And I love that all of my best friends are my best friend in different ways, if that makes any sense.
    I really love your posts, they are so encouraging! I also followed you on instagram because I just got one about a week ago.
    -Lauren <3

  9. This was a really sweet post! You're friends are lucky to have you! I love what you said about friendships taking work. The older I get the more I realize that I have to make the effort to see people that I want to keep up a relationship. I have to love on them and not just expect them to make the extra effort every time.

  10. Such a beautiful and heartwarming post, and your collage of photos is lovely!

  11. This is such an eloquent post! And so, so true. "people take priority" <YES. As a complete introvert who sometimes has trouble talking to people I don't know very's worth it to make the effort!


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