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The Best Fan Videos (Part Two)

Monday, April 20, 2015

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about fan art, which is what jumpstarted my new weekly "Fantastic" Series.  Apparently everyone else is just as much in awe of a devoted fan's talent as I was.  :: blink :: 
I'm also a huge fan video junkie and thought I'd share the love because I KNOW I'm not the only who spends hours trying to get over my post-Harry Potter depression with YouTube. 
Ok maybe that really is just me.
The Hunger Games | So Cold
Catching Fire | Ready. Aim. Fire.
Catching Fire | BEAST
Catching Fire | Never Fall Away

Harry Potter | Never Fall Away
Harry Potter | To Build A Home

Harry Potter | Violet Hill

Harry Potter | Feat. The Glitch Mob


LOTR/ The Hobbit | World On Fire
LOTR | Never Fall Away
The Hobbit | The Last Goodbye
(not technically a fan video but it's very similar and super epic
so I just had to include it #sorrynotsorry)

The Winter Soldier | Put On Your War Paint
Thor/Loki + Bucky/Steve | No One's Here To Sleep

Maze Runner | Into The Jungle

(Not to bias you but this is probably goes down as one of my absolute favorite fan videos EVER.  Grable24 does incredible work and you should seriously check them out)

The Dark Knight Rises | Radioactive

Divergent | Angel With A Shotgun

and just for kicks and giggles....

FitzSimmons | The Movie

Harry Potter |Spring Teen Comedy

Lord of the Rings | How It Should Have Ended

NOW I MUST KNOW!!!!  Which do you find more impressive? Fan videos or fan art?  And what do you think of this new series?  Are you a "fan"?  :D :D

I'm sorry.  It's Monday.  No judging.

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  1. FITZSIMMONS THE MOVIE. <3 Can I just say, "Yes!"

    xoxo Morning

    1. I literally cried watching that. Perfection in less than five minutes. Sigh.

    2. Isn't it absolutely darling???? They are one of the biggest ships in my armada ^_^

  2. I haven't watched many fan videos (I don't know why), but I loved the ones that I watched with my (much more fan-girly) sister. You may have opened a dangerous door in my life. And an emotional one too.

    1. Tell me about it! A friend sent me one last year and I was instantly a goner:) You'll thank me later! (maybe.... :O )

  3. haha this is awesome! I'm going to watch all of these right now! My most favorite fan video ever is The Lord of the Rings Let it Go, it's so, so, so well done!

    1. Haha and thanks to me you probably just spent an hour of your life watching! :D I haven't seen that! *squeal* I'll be back.

  4. This is a such a great series, Chloe! It makes my fangirl heart very happy.
    This post made me realize that I really don't watch enough fan videos! They are super cool. My favorite fan videos are songs made out quotes/sounds from films - this is my favorite: YOU MUST WATCH.

    1. Oh yes! so like the Harry Potter Glitch Mob video, if I understand what you're saying. I think my favorite is when they use scenes from a movie that correspond with the words of the song. That makes me HAPPY :D
      Thanks, I will!!!

  5. These are so beautiful! My favourite is Thor/Loki and Winter Soldier/Cap video -- such heartbreakingly impossible pairs, sigh. But the other ones are fabulous -- and of course HISHE is hilarious as always.

    Now to check out the other posts in this series!

    1. Isn't it stellar? It makes me physically hurt to watch the Winter Soldier/Cap part of the video. BE STILL MY ACHING HEART.

  6. *SQUEAL!* All my favorite fandoms!! ;) ;) And that Fitz Simmons one...... heart melted. (In a good way) Someone needs to hurry up and make this movie a thing!!! Great post Chloe!

    1. I would pay BIG money for that one:) Thanks girlfriend!!

  7. I've never really watched any fan videos before, but after watching a few of these I am totally going to be watching more!

    Thanks, Chloe :)

    1. I am simultaneously sorry I started you on this dark path and yet NOT SORRY AT ALL. >:D >:D


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