Why I (Almost) Regret Publishing My Last Post

Friday, March 13, 2015

I thought y'all would probably like my guilty pleasures post. :D :D

 Fistpump to you for commenting and getting those confessions out in the open!! Thanks to me you can now live with that weight off your chest and 'keep calm and eat fast food'. Or whatever. 

*oh my gosh I just looked and that's a real thing!!! SOMEONE MADE THE THING!* 

Faith in humanity restored. 
You know it's funny: I anticipated the ecstatic responses, relatable comments, and the all-around hype that generally surrounds teenage girls+junk food.


Did I anticipate the subtle self-degrading thoughts, comparison, and constant mirror checks the next day? 

Definitely not. 

The post was supposed to be fun, relatable, and a way for me to jump outside of the box. No health/workout posts for this gal; opening the ice cream container is work out enough! (seriously, though- you do not know pain until you break all your finger nails in your attempts to just get the darn lid off!) 

The thoughts that stemmed from my post were so subtle, it took me the entire day to realize they were even happening, let alone my behavior and attitude was adjusting to them. Figures.  

And here is the part I regret: I bet everyone reading this post judges me now and thinks I'm someone who just sits around eating Oreos and watching movies all day. Or, they all say they love junk food, but they probably can eat all they want and are still thin as a twig!!  What about, Wow, after writing that I really need to go exercise like a maniac and go on a diet! 

These thoughts were on a continuous role the entire day. Suddenly, my day had turned into "guilt-trip Friday" where it was EAT ALL THE HEALTHY THINGS and OBSESS OVER HOW TIGHT MY SHIRT IS 

Anyone feel me on this one?

Something fun and harmless that created common ground with many people turned into a breeding ground of lies and doubts. I mean hey; I like me some comfort food! Many of my fun memories have been made while eating or baking: 

Special dates, baking with sisters, or sweet gifts from friends in the forms of oreoes. All wonderful things. 

And yet as I read and re-read my post it wasn't about 'how fun it is to indulge in Wendy's frosties' anymore. Nope. I can never leave it at just that.

I hope you realize what a warped mindset this is. But wanna know something wonderful? God is good and He showed me very quickly what a terrible rut I had gotten into. Can I get a hallelujah!!! 

Those "guilty foods" like Nutella, French fries, and ice cream aren't sins. Don't let the health side of Pinterest convince of you that. 
Gluttony and making food an idol in our lives are both sins. Let God's word convince you of that. 

I strongly believe you can eat a smart, balanced amount of "junk food". I strongly believe in chocolate dipped strawberries (the fruit part makes it healthy, right?). And I also strongly believe that we can eat it with confidence and yet with moderation.


While I know from experience that eating healthy has so many more benefits than the junk foods, and I don't want to in any way degrade from the benefit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle (I work out and eat salads too, okay? That's not just for crazy-fit people), I also think that I like my guilty pleasures, in moderation. There's a balance!!

You know what? I have the freedom to enjoy both a fruit salad and a candy bar! 

Don't let the world tell you how to live. Don't let others be your standard of how you eat. 
And most importantly: Don't make food into a bigger deal than it should be. 
Food is just food, you know. Yummy, delicious- but just food. God has blessed us with the opportunity to learn more about him as the Creator as we enjoy eating.  He's also given us loads of healthy options. Mix it up! Don't get bogged down in the rules. Be wise. Open up this area of your life to God, tell him your struggles. 

Each person's struggle with food is different.  I respect that, and I'm just being honest about what I'm beginning to learn. At the end of the day it comes back to you, and how you work. You are loved no matter what you eat, and you can love your body by choosing wise options, along with the occasional indulgence. 

Point of this post? Eat Froyo, duh! Technically "healthy" because it's yogurt but still just as good as ice cream!!! Everyone wins!! ;)

Seriously, though: eating is a gift that we in the US are privileged to be able to really enjoy. How are you going to make the most of that gift today? 

For your viewing pleasure:
A delicious video about eating out and being "healthy" while doing so:

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  1. When I see the words junk food I kinda immediately go into that guilty self-hate kind of thing, but less extreme than I just made it out to be. Haha. Nah junk food is a struggle but if someone's giving it to me, I'll eat it. If we're at the movies or having a nice little café chit chat, I'll buy myself some yummy food, especially if it's someone's birthday. You're right. It's good to have a balance, because if you give up chocolate you'll be an unhappier person anyway.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I feel yah on the self-hate part, although that does sound terrible!! I think it just comes out as guilty and I get mad at myself, if you know what i mean:) So I can definitely relate!
      YES TO EATING FOOD FOR PEOPLE'S BIRTHDAY. Logistically speaking there's at least 10 birthdays a day (probably more!!) so we win.

  2. Never be embarrassed about eating! People will say things, but you have a choice to ignore them and such. Everyone wins when we eat ice cream! Yay!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Wise words dear:) And yes, ice cream can bring even the worst enemies together ^_^

  3. I thought your last post was quite relatable! But I agree, people should be free to eat as they want to eat. I mean, right now I'm enjoying an apple pie myself ;)

    1. Well I'm glad! Thanks! In honor of pie day, I hope?

  4. Amen! This is a fabulous follow-up post. ♥


    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Adelaide. A lot of thought went into it!

  5. I needed this post so bad.

    Thank you. I cannot stress enough how much I agree with everything you said. Like....you nailed it. Lately I've been sort of struggling with food. Not like Im binge eating every day, but it's like, I'll eat something remotely unhealthy and just feel bad about myself the rest of the day. Food thoughts have been too many as of late.
    I'm someone who really enjoys being healthy and active and when Im not, since I'm a perfectionist, I tend to beat myself up.

    But Im trying to fix that.

    so seriously thank you thank you THANK YOU. God bless you and eat all the froyo!

    1. Ahh your comment is music to my ears. I value your opinion from what I've seen of your blog/comments, so thank you for that.
      I agree, I like to be healthy and active right along with my sweet thangs. oh and perfectionists unite. Ugh. Let's work on it together!!

  6. Haha, for some reason I just remembered a picture I saw on Pinterest or something. It went like "Eat anything you want. And if people make fun of you, eat them too." Something like that. ;P
    This was a really good post, Chloe :) Food is something that we are to use, not idolize...though, sometimes I have to tell my sugar craves to pipe down a bit... :D

    1. Hehe that made me giggle. And then cringe. And then laugh again. Just so long as we don't take it too seriously that's a fun quote :D :D
      You and me both chika!!!! My sweet tooth is the death of me!

  7. Chloe, this follow up post makes you even more relateable! Everyone loves junk food, and many of us secretly fall into the degrading trap after an indulgence. You just happened to have the strength to share it with us. Thanks for sharing this side of you, too!


    1. Mission accomplished:) I hoped it would! Never be ashamed of eating food you love :))) Thank you so much for your super sweet words Jen! you're a jewel!

  8. Great thoughts, Chloe! I love what you said about being about to eat junk food "with confidence and yet with moderation". That's such a good way to put it! :D


    1. I was getting so tired of saying "balance" so I went with moderation for this one:) thanks girlfriend!
      And you have excellent taste. Studio C is a glorious thing. ^_^ I may or may not be addicted and following them on every social media. *cough*

  9. You, my dear, are so darn relatable! I was reading this just think, "yep. Uh-huh. Well, yes I've totally been there. Man that really puts my thoughts into words" and so on. I mean, especially the pinterest thing. That "health and fitness" category is a death trap if you ask me. It sets me up for failure, you know what I mean? Most of it isn't about being healthy, it's about how you look! (No, thank you pinterest, I don't need your help with my image. Me and God are working on finding what glorifies Him, and you are not helping.) :)

    All that to say? BLOG ON! I love your blog!


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