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The Blogging Life: My Blue Striped Umbrella

Saturday, January 31, 2015

You think you've seen awesome?  Get ready for some mega-awesome:)  Jerica is one of my closest friends outside of the blogging world, and we've had so much fun learning (through lots of trial and error) how to blog together.  She's a biology-nut, talented musician, EAT ALL THE COOKIE DOUGH BLIZZARDS! kinda gal.  Can't wait for y'all to meet her!
Hey guys! I'm Jerica from My Blue Striped Umbrella. It's a pleasure to guest post on Chloe's blog today and I hope you stop in at my blog! I guess without further ado let's get these questions started!

What is your favorite quote and why? Ahhh, that's a tough one. One of my recent quotes that I have loved is: When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you. Let it destroy you. Or it can strengthen you.
When something bad happens maybe sometimes you want to blame God. PLEASE, don't do that. Don't let it define you, or destroy you. Maybe he wanted something bad to happen so it could strengthen you and love and trust him more.

Are you a coffee or hot chocolate girl? Can both be my answer? Kidding. Kidding. I think I'm gonna go with hot chocolate because my version of coffee technically isn't the real deal. Who doesn't love a ton of cream and sugar in their "coffee" drink?? *notices the quotation marks* Gotta love Starbucks!

Why do you blog? I blog because for one thing I can share Jesus with all you lovely people. Blogging inspires and motivates me to write because writing is something I struggle with, and I'm really trying hard to get better at it.

 When did you meet Christ and what are two things he's been teaching you lately? I was baptized when I was a year old and something he has been teaching me lately? He has taught me that failure is okay and it happens to everyone because we are ALL sinful. He's also taught me to encourage, love, and pray for people more.

 Are you apart of any fandoms? MARVEL AND J.R.R .TOLKIEN!!! Thanks to Chloe I've recently become a part of the good guys. I've only seen only part of Man of Steel, Avengers, 2 of the 3 Hobbit movies but so far I'm loving them all! Let's keep 'em coming!

 What is one thing you'd like your readers to know? I'm new to the blogger world and I would love it if you could stick around, follow, and comment on my blog. It really means a lot to me because then I know that people like what I write and that I should continue to post on my blog. It definitely inspires me to continue blogging.

 Favorite way to pass the time? I love to play volleyball in my backyard and definitely go on Pinterest and find new things that inspire me. And of course, the most obvious thing: BLOG!


A big thank you to Chloe for asking me to guest post on her blog today. I'll see you guys around!
In case you didn't catch it my blog is My Blue Striped Umbrella.

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  1. Lovely :)

    I have followed your blog, Jerica:)

    You're a lovely soul.

  2. Always love learning new things about people :)

    1. You and me both, chika!!! People are so interesting and I'm terribly guilty of people watching when I'm out and about o.O

    2. *nervous laugh* and um, I was just curiously wondering, would you by any chance ever want to guest post on my blog? I mean, like anyone would ever want to do that ;P But yeah, I wanted to see if I could switch things up a bit, and you're a great blogger, so yeah... just wondering :)

  3. MARVEL! YAASSS.... and that quote was on the teacher's board several weeks ago!

    xoxo Morning

    1. FELLOW MARVEL FANGIRL!!!!! Welcome to the family, girly;))

  4. Lovely interview! I'll go check out Jerica's blog :)

  5. Hi Chloe!What an amazing blog! I'm now following you on gfc and facebook!! Hope you can visit mine and follow me as well!! kisses!


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