Top Ten Books I Read In 2014!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Top ten, you're going down!
(in no particular order because I stink at picking favorites)

#10. Cress

Marissa Meyer is a rock star, she really is.  She takes a classic fairy tale like Rapunzel and spins it
into a magical science fiction novella with cyborgs and princesses and roguish pirate captains.
#9. The Way of Kings

And speaking of incredible worlds, Brandon Sanderson is BEAST when it comes to worlds.  He crafts incredibly complex worlds and characters and books that are insanely thick.  Think 1,000 pages thick. 
#8. Authentic Beauty

This book may be a little out of place with all these sci-fi fantasy books, but you know:

Authentic Beauty is a wonderful read by Leslie Ludy, detailing her journey in becoming an authentic, beautiful, set apart woman for Christ. One of the most challenging books I've read.

#7. The Girl of Fire and Thorns

Rae Carson, you feelz-beater you!!!

#6. Steelheart 

Second Brandon Sanderson book on the list and I ain't even sorry. 
His writing is brilliant, that's all there is to it.  
#5. To Kill A Mockingbird

A bittersweet classic that sometimes leaves you wondering what exactly the point of the story is, and then Atticus puts it all in its place and makes everything right in the world. Atticus is brilliant too. 
#4. Catching Fire
Me, this entire flipping book:
*subtly nudges you*  get it.  hot.  hehe.
Okay but for reals, Catching Fire blew me away, both book and movie. I almost didn't read it after the first, but I'm SO GLAD I did!  Her writing is rich with beautiful descriptions, plot twists, and imperfect characters.  People were all hung up on the fact that she threw in another hunger games, but I personally didn't mind. 
#3. The School for Good and Evil

You know you want to read this book just for its glorious cover!!! 
The story is very twisty-turny and this author loves to end chapters on cliff-hangers which I normally despise but somehow this works. 
Darling Angie is also my favoritest and I would definitely go out for coffee with her. 
#2. Outcasts

My favorite in the trilogy that I absolutely devoured
#1. Words of Radiance

 I'm just a wee bit predictable. >:D >:D

And because I want to add a twist, and who doesn't like going on a maniacal blog post rant about terrible books:
10 Worst Books: 

Maze Runner
Graphic, crude, and the only person I like dies in the third book wouldn't you know
Life of Pi
This ending- THIS ENDING!  I hate it I hate it-I almost threw up-I HATE IT.  Why must you be so graphic?  It was going decently well (albeit terribly boring) and then you must end on Pi's documentary about how his tragedy actually happened.  In very bloody terms. 
I think we have a problem when the main character simultaneously annoys and bores the socks off of me.
The most amazing mix of boring, cliché, and sappy sappy SAPPY. 

Raising Dragons 
I hate to dog on a book by a Christian guy, but I really didn't care for his writing style. 
I wouldn't say it's totally horrible because he brings in a lot of great messages and shares the gospel, I just really wish he'd done it in a little more subtle way.  Also, the characters don't fail nearly as much as I would hope. 
Katniss, the entire book:

Mockingjay was truly brilliantly written but I hated the depression that settled on me after I read it.

Just Ella
I believe Margaret Peterson Haddix should probably stick to more sci-fi fantasy then fairy tales.
The Assassin's Curse
Another annoying main character who never EVER did what she was told and had quite a mouth on her. 
I Am Number Four
 For two books into this series I thought the romance was fake, it was that cheesy. Although props for a very gripping title. 

Starring Me
I think it's a tad bit ironic that  book about a Christian romance has a title like that.  Just saying.  o.o.

2015 dawns in just four days, you guys!  How are you celebrating?  Putting any new books through the paper shredder? 
I'll be over here with my apples and jam and crazy dance moves. Audios!
UPDATE: I'm currently experimentating with my blog design and also working with the amazing Nicole Rose. So if it looks a little funky right now, give it time and grace! :)

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  1. I liked Maze Runner actually. I wouldnt finish the series because reasons but I did thoroughly enjoy it.
    Allegiant I wont even read because Insurgent was so bad.
    I'm not a fan of the Hunger Games series as a whole, but I did read them in middle school so maybe I would like them if I re-read them. The movies have surprisingly intrigued me.
    I have been meaning to read To Kill A Mockingbird
    And I Am Number Four.....don't even get me started with that book. It was just bad all over.

    Loved this blog post :)

    1. It's been interesting to hear the mix of opinions on the Maze Runner trilogy... I'm glad you enjoyed it though. We'll have to have a good ol book discussion dometimes because it sounds like we read similar novellas!!! ^_^

  2. Indeed, The School for Good and Evil cover draws you in. Might look around for it- the title is very promising as well :) xx Maja

    1. Isn't it beauitimus? Hope you enjoy it <3

  3. I have to agree with you about Matched - I had to practically force myself to finish reading that utterly boring book. :-/

    xx Nicole Rose

  4. I didn't like any of the Divergent books at all, and The Hunger Games just went steadily down hill. With The Maze Runner, I read the first, sparknotes'd the second, and skimmed the third only to find out what happened. To Kill A Mockingbird...ah. I should reread it again, because I read it as part of my English class in 7th grade (normally it's 9th but I was in a different class) and we had a really bad teacher who didn't help us get much out of the book at all :/ I feel like I've missed out on it now. I've never heard of the Brian Sanderson books though, might check them out:)

    1. I'm with you on the Divergent trilogy all the way.
      Oh I hope you find time to re-read it. It's so long but so worth it.
      Brandon Sanderson is the superman of the writing world ^_^

  5. Oh my goodness! I can't even describe how utterly disappointed I was with The Maze Runner.
    Like. I can't even.
    The concept looked beautiful, but the execution sucked! It read like a freaking first draft.
    That was probably the worst book I read all year. A complete waste of two weeks.


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