A Photo A Day November/December (a.k.a. I decided to do this yesterday)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

So instead of a Tuesday blog tutorial, since I'm sure the amount of blogging changes you all are implementing are probably pretty small (it's Christmas break after all!!), I do so love my pictures and thought I'd give you a taste of my "month". 

Note: I didn't exactly start this on November 1st because I didn't get my new phone until November 18th as a late birthday present, and that's where all my pictures have originated from.  Let's go crazy and start in the middle of the month, shall we?

November 18th. My new phone! I was ecstatic. 


November 19th. A late birthday present from my dear little sista 😘

November 20th. Babysitting these little hooligans. 

November 21st. My family was on a roll with this whole "late birthday present" thang but I was in no place to complain after I received a purity ring that says 'I will wait for my beloved.'  Yes, yes I will. 

November 22nd. Donuts and sisters are a fantabulous combo. 

November 23rd. As are Lindor chocolate truffles and coffee! 

November 24th. It was a pink pants kind of day. 

November 25th. I can't tell you HOW TEMPTED I was to buy this and stuff my face with little orange sticks of gum. Pumpkin gum? Say what? 

November 26th. The second time I saw our new house and we walked through without, I think, realizing the full implication of what moving in would look like! 

November 27th. Happy Thanksgiving!! Cranberry cake is way too fun to make and eat. 

November 28th. It's getting punny up in here!!! 

November 29th. She pulls these glasses off way too well for her own good. I'm gonna need to keep a baseball bat with me at all times to hold back all the boys wanting to date this little hottie! 

December 1st. No picture of my own but the happy Christmas tag made up for that one!!!

December 2nd. A ginormously fun day of performances as my drama class completed our first ever show (and took a few selfies). 

December 3rd. No rest for this girl, 6 the next morning we're speeding to the mountains!! 

December 4th. Pre-skiing selfie!! 

December 5th. The view was breath taking, to say the least. 

December 6th. Last day on the slopes!! 

December 7th. #triphome #gasstationfood #ick #notworthit

December 8-11 I *cough* slacked on pictures and worked on editing previous snapshots. 
December 12th. Yes, Froyo is a perfectly acceptable form of dinner. 

December 13th. LET THE PACKING COMMENCE!!!! 

December 14th. Mini MINI Vaseline? I need this in my life. 

December 15th. We're up to our ears in boxes! 

December 16th. Pretend that's me wearing that adorable outfit. 

Wednesday was more packing, and then Thursday (the 18th) rolled in with snow!! 

I'm still in denial that it's two days until Christmas, although the list part of me is already making 'resolutions', no matter how many times I tell myself that I obviously won't keep them! 

And how about you? Does cranberry cake make your heart sing or WHAT? And how do you go about New Years resolutions? 

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  1. Love the pictures! You look so cute in all those selfies :)

    Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Aww, Faith, you make me beam. Hope your Christmas is wonderful!!

  3. I love love love this post! So fun :)

    1. Thank you Arushee! :-) you're so sweet.


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