How To Write Great Sidekick Material Ron Weasley Style

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

You aren't human if, after reading the Harry Potter books, you didn't fall in love with Ron Weasley.  His clueless, ridiculous, funny, adorkable personality coupled with his bright red hair are a sellar:)
Every great main character has an equally great best friend backing them up in the background, and Ron Weasley is a terrific example of this.


-1. They have different talents and resources then the main character-

These talents and resources might just end up helping our hero out of a tight squeeze, too! 

For Ron a few would be his mad wizard chess skills, an enthusiastic, outgoing personality, his family, a flying car, loyalty, a sister for Harry to marry.... (but am I right?!)

-2. They're terribly loyal and will stick with the main character under high amounts of pressure-

 In The Order of the Phoenix, when Harry comes back to school and is very openly talking about Cedric's death and Voldemort's return, there are a lot of doubt and rumors about Harry.  Even Semus, one of Harry's chums from the very first book, is accusatory and wary.  
One of my all time favorite scenes where I think you really see Ron's loyal heart is this one. Harry and Semus are going at it and Ron just stands up and declares that he believes Harry, and everyone is an idiot not too.  You gotta problem with that? You mess with ME. Like, major best friend back-up right there. This is one of many times when Ron stood up with Harry, and definitely not the last. His loyalty isn't a one-time thing and carried all throughout their many years together. 


-3. They're also unfailingly trustworthy-
Unless you like their sister. Then you don't say a peep so they won't murder you in the night.

-4. Most times they provide much needed comic relief-



-5. They fail too -

A big one, that. One of my top writing pet peeves is when the main character has a best friend who they are stuck like glue to, know their every adorable secret, never fight, and just have the perfect, unntainable friendship.  Like, give me a break. 


I greatly admire how J. K. Rowling has written Ron's character, and one of the saddest parts of Deathly Hallows (I said one of. Fred's *sniff* death *sniff* stills has every sad scene in the world beat) is when Ron leaves, the one time his emotions get the better of his normally loyal personality.

He's exhausted an
d frustrated and angry and rashly leaves Harry and Hermione in the bloody middle of nowhere.  His failure, for me, is redeeming because he messes up big time but ends up finding his way back and saving Harry's butt (for, like, the fifteenth time in the series but whatever). 

Ron Weasley isn't perfect, but he always comes back to make it right, and that's one of the reasons I appreciate him so much. 

-6. They're relatable- 
Ron isn't a straight A student, doesn't have a clue about girls,  is a decent but not stellar athlete, and loves his food.  *cough* not that I can relate to that last one at all *cough* 
-7. They've seen the main character at their worst and are still friends with them-
No matter how bratty Harry was in the Order of the Phoenix, no matter how angry he might get, no matter how closed off he became when he didn't know how to handle everything going on, Ron stuck with him until the end. He's an always kind of guy. 

And I of course I want to hear your opinions!!  What makes Ron so great for you?  
(I personally think the way he introduces himself is very sassy and adorable)


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  1. I've read the whole series, and they were absolutely amazing!
    Ron Weasley is such an awesome character (and his red hair which is a major plus ;) ). I love his personality!
    I'm not ashamed to admit that in some parts of The Deathly Hollows book and movie I cried like a baby. :( So many characters died. It was so very tragical.
    I soooo wish that J.K. Rowling will write more about the wizarding world! They're such amazing books. :)
    Awesome post, Chloe!

  2. Amen! I'm so impressed how J. K. Rowling can capture your attention through 7 books! She's superwoman.
    Oh bawled like a baby is an understatement. And I never cry at books!
    Did you see the twelve days of stories she has been releasing on her site potter more? That's the closest we can get to more about wizarding world.... Until her movie comes out!!
    Thank you for your comment, it's so fun to find other fellow Harry Potter bloggers!

  3. Ron's my favorite character, and this post just made my day!

    Vanshi xx

    1. I'm with you all the way on that one, Vanshi:)


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