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11 Reasons Why I Will Always Be A Marvel Fan

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

1. They are some of the most quotable movies OF ALL TIME


2.  The LOGO

3. Captain America.  That is all.
4. No matter what stands in their way, MARVEL is planning on a lot more movies in the coming years and that makes my heart happy! :)
5. They make me cry.  Like, a boy flick that can produce tears??  (The following name is taboo in my presence: SPOILERS ohmygersh Gwen Stacey.  WHY.  END SPOILERS)

So this is the first time I've seen this gif...and it breaks my heart more than it did the first time I watched the movie.
6. I don't have to think terribly hard while watching them.  So what if they're a tad bit predictable some of the time?  Mind-numbing movies can be really nice.  (I would recommend Inception if you want your brain to explode)
7. Um, epic soundtracks much?
8. The romance in them has a big enough role for me to not  become bored silly over all the explosions, but they also do a good job of not laying it on too thick.
9. For the most part I like their plot twists.  Thor 2 had some pretty epic ones! 
10. They are despicable when it comes to their villains section, namely, Loki and The Winter Soldier.  I don't know how, but they make me care for their villains *curse you MARVEL*
He looks so young and innocent here, so soft and gentle, but after everything he goes through it's all just the calm hiding the storm inside of him. :(
11. Okay and the technology is pretty snazzy. 

 All in all, MARVEL is wonderful and if you haven't watched any of these then I am showing up at your house with cookies and Captain America: The First Avenger to start you on your path to the dark side. 


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  1. Marvel is awesome! It was the Thor movies that really brought me on board. Okay, that and Pinterest. ;) Loki is my favorite. I don't care that he's the villian. I still like him the best. (You know, except the whole killing 80 people in 2 days thing.) He's a great, sympathetic villain with some amazing character development. The end of Thor 2 was totally crazy. I was not expecting Loki to be sitting on that throne!

    I really want to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. I haven't yet!

    ~ Kayla

  2. Oh girl! There is a loooooong list of reasons I love you so very much. I think this post added to the list! :) I'm sooo glad I'm not the only total homeschool-marvel-fangirl-dork out there ;)
    How's this sound: you, me, Avengers 2 in May, matching dorky superhero t-shirts, popcorn and snuggly blankies. Whaddya say? ;)


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