How To Send Bread In The Mail

Thursday, November 06, 2014

I just love that I get to write a post with the word "bread" in the title.  Bread is a wonderful thing. :D

So recently I sent a package all the way to Pennsylvania, where my friend Gemma lives (the Gemma who you always talk about with exclamation points and rainbows? Yes.  That Gemma).
She and I had a whole email conversation about how much we loved pumpkin bread, and a few weeks later I sent her a loaf just because I could.  Ever wondered if you could even do that kind of thing?  Now you know!! 

Also, just a hint, but whenever you do try sending bread in the mail (you know you want to), seeing as how I was the one to show you the light, I feel like it's only fair to ask you test-send your bread to me first, so I can make sure it turns out okay.  It's actually a very considerate offer on my part, if you think about it.  ^_^ 


1. To start, I'd recommend making a mini loaf and sending it to your friend, since this is a lot smaller and you can add more padding and tissue around it.  One of the funnest parts about this is getting to make the bread!  What kind will you do? Not only is there pumpkin, but you also have....

lemon poppy seed
cranberry orange
chocolate chip
and on and on and on! 

Any of these would work great.  WORD TO THE WISE:  Always make two loaves, one to try and one to send.  My first batch of pumpkin bread had the world's worst consistency  and was extremely doughy.  I couldn't tell just by looking at the loaves, so I was so glad I'd made an extra that I could sample.  The second batch was beautiful.  Mission accomplished! 

2. Once the bread has been baked and sampled and is completely %100 cool, place it in a see-through bread bag and fasten it with a zip tie, making sure you've squeezed all the air out.

3. Place of bag of bread in a large Zip-loc bag, squeeze the air out once again, and zip it shut.  Fold the empty bag space under the bread.  If you want to make it look a little more pretty and less sturdy, try tying a ribbon around it.  (I was a slacker friend and did not do this, but this person totally showed up and went all out.  If you can make your bread look like this then I will be SO AMAZED!)

Click here for link

4. It should now have two layers around it to prevent it getting stale. For the box, find something sturdier.  Since all the little tea bag boxes I found were too flimsy, I ended up using a popcorn box.  You make do with what you have! ;)

5. Stick two wads of tissue paper in the bottom of the box, and then place the bread on top.  If there's space around the sides add more tissue paper.  Keep cramming in tissue paper/newspaper until it until it's all covered and snug.  To check, gently shake the box.  If you can hear the bread moving around you know you need more padding.  Don't add too much, though, or you'll unknowingly squish the bread!

6. Close up the box and tape it tightly.  I then wrapped my box in brown paper and just wrote her address on the front, although if you have a professional mailing box you don't have to do this.

7. All over the front of the box write things like "FRAGILE" and "HANDLE WITH CARE".  After all this work it'd be a shame for the bread to get crushed by a bigger package getting set on top of it. 

8. Splurge a little and pay for the fastest shipping.  Try to make and send the bread the day of, so it'll get there as fresh as possible.

9. Pray it gets to them fast and all in once piece!

10.  Smile every time you think about the little package sailing through time and space. 

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  1. Agreed. Bread IS a wonderful thing.

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