Curious isn't it

Curious, Isn't It? (17)

Sunday, November 02, 2014

November is a happy month, so here are some of my favorite curiously happy things!

LOOK AT WHAT CAME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Age of Ultron Trailer:

YES I FLIPPED OUT and yes this was my reaction:

Fangirling gif. This is 100000% accurate.

And while we're on the topic of superheroes, I watched X-Men Days of Future Past and loved it! 
How can you  not love a movie with Katniss, Mr. Tumnus, and GANDALF in it?? Case and point!
Hunger Games YouTube videos are getting released left and right, including the final Mockingjay trailer:
And three absolutely priceless Hunger Games parodies by (you guessed it) STUDIO C!!
Gale's Song
Peeta's Song
Katniss' Song
None of my siblings got the Hunger Games puns and references but I about lost it!!  If you consider yourself anything close to a fan you must watch them.  :D :D

Tis the season for PUMPKIN RECIPES!!  So far this fall I've made these pumpkin muffins twice, this granola, these pumpkin fudge balls, this pumpkin bread twice, and these mini pumpkin donuts. #pumpkinislife

Oh and my lovely volleyball team won our last volleyball game this past Tuesday! That leaves us completely undefeated.  All the glory to God, and I couldn't have asked for a better coach or teammates.

Along with the closing of volleyball, my brother's football team ended their season this past Friday as well:

Ain't #7 handsome? 

 Apparently this week you guys really liked these posts:

Inspirational Songs
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Book Review: Grace, Gold & Glory
The 3 Biggest Myths About Fantasy

Favorites from Pinterest

BOOTIES!!!  Which are so in right now, and I'm loving it.  Booties are one, exceedingly fun to say, and two, go with absolutely everything.  

ankle booties

Beautiful Katniss art

Hunger Games, Katniss


Stylish Striped Hoodie

Confession time; I am majorly crushing on the purple ombre brunette look:

Brunette to Purple Ombre Dip Dye Hair

And the double piercing look:

cartilage piercing earrings #cartilage #earrings

Five is a bit much, but two I could do. 

And there you have my happy things:)  Any Fall stuffs you all are lovin?

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  1. Loved this post <3 Stripes + Hoodies are perfection in the form of a sweater. Volleyball is amazing and booties are cute. Nuff said. :D

    1. Ain't dat the truth! Sweaters are MY LIFE. You have good taste <3

  2. EEK! I <3 these blog posts! So, I'm just glad I wasn't they only one who watched the newest X-Men first. In my defense, it was an accident, I didn't realize it was in a series. But watching them all does make more sense :) I was always hoping it would end up as Gale and Katniss. So that parody makes *ahem* perfect sense to me ;)

    1. I actually have seen the one before it, which definitely helps. But I was super confused with that one too so you're definitely not the only on the confused train! :) :)
      I go back and forth and am probably Team Prim because that's so much less complicated. I'll just let Katniss choose the guys and I can go cry over Prim.

  3. Hey Chole! sooo glad your volleyball team did well!! Undefeated-AWESOME!

    1. Hey Ariah! Thanks girl. It was super darn exciting, FOR SURE! :D


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