Monday, July 28, 2014

Pretty sure when I ask "how many people have tried a life hack and it's utterly failed?" almost everyone's hands will go up.  Among the many I've tried, band-aids for French manicures, adding a marble at the top of cupcake liners to make heart cupcakes, putting frozen hash browns in the waffle maker (they clumped together and then charred), melting a chocolate kiss in the middle of a cupcake (IT DIDN'T MELT), etc. etc. None of them have worked. 
But luckily for you, I've found a few that really do work and can be quite handy!  So here you go:

Dipping your nails in ice-cold water helps nail polish dry faster.

The best way to clean your microwave:


No speakers? No problem.  Put your iPod/iPhone into a plastic cup and turn up the volume.  It will magnify the sound and act as a speaker. 

When balancing on your leg hold your opposite ear.  For some very odd reason it will center you and help you to say balanced!

There's a right side of the bobby pin??

Putting a Ziplock bag over the glass to get frosting in easier (see here for link)

Holding your breath to get a sneeze out.  Nose itching and you can feel a sneeze coming but it just won't come?  Hold your breath! This works about eight times out of ten.

Playing a game on your phone/iPod for 5-10 minutes really does help wake you up in the morning.

Look at the bottom of a watermelon to check how ripe it is.  Genius, really.  The darker yellow the bottom, the longer its been sitting on the ground and ripening. 

If you suffer from cramps while running try this:

Any candy incentive works for me :D

And some life hacks I still want to try....

Adding ?.jpg to the end of urls at the airport to get free wifi

Putting onions in the freezer for fifteen minutes before peeling to keep your eyes from watering!

Put ice cream in Ziplock bag in the freezer to keep perfectly soft (see here for link)

Use Jello, marshmallows, or cinnamon&honey for a sore throat.

Use baby oil to keep stubble on your legs at the minimum  (see here for link)

Perfect solution for a bookwork in a small room.

How about you all?  Have you found life hacks to be total rip-offs?  Or do you have a set that you use on a regular basis? Comment with your favorites!

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  1. Totally going to try some of your "life hacks"! Thanks Chloe!
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