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Saturday, July 26, 2014

So you picked #3!  Not gonna lie, that was the one I was secretly rooting for.  (If you're completely lost about what I'm referring to check out THIS post)

There must have been thousands standing in the rain that day.  I should know; I was one of those people letting the rain soak me and puddle around my boots.  Thunder grumbled half-heartedly in the distance.  Even nature seemed to realize the great loss.  "Eesie-" Someone pulled at my arm.  "We have to leave.  Please, Eesie..."
Rain droned on the hard ground, splashing my tear-streaked face.  "I hate you." The words were a mere whisper, but she heard them all the same. 
I clenched and unclenched my fists.
"I hate you."
"You- hate me?" She looked up, and then down.  Her lip was red from where she had clamped down on it, and silent tears rolled down her nose.  White lines formed on her skin, just above her wrist.  They cut deep, and I knew she felt it. The catch was that only I could actually see them, only I would be reminded of my vicious sentences.  
She hates you... The silver words glowed on her skin.  All along her arms I saw the scars shine bright, scars from cruel words out of my own mouth, sentence that had hurt, deep wounds from long ago.  Even as I watched they faded and grew dim, still vaguely visible.  
I shoved past her, leaving her crying under the trees and ran.  "You're a jerk, you know that?" She sobbed behind me.  I didn't look back, just shivered as her words dug into my wrist. 

You and I live in a world of back-biting daisies.  You know who I'm talking about.  The people who smile and pamper and coddle you to pieces so all their daisy petals almost fall off trying to suck up to you, but the minute you turn around they sink their teeth into your back.  Except their teeth are words, and instead of leaving tooth scars they leave word scars that are etched across the skin like faded tattoos. 

There used to be a phrase that we make fun of now; I can barely remember it but I think it said something along the lines of 'sticks breaking your bones but words never hurting' or something sick like that. 

Life must've been a heck of a lot better two hundred years ago when words didn't hurt.

Eesi's words stung, and not just because of the badness of them.  They stung deeper, because I knew when she hurled them at me she really meant it, she really hated me.  I shuddered in relief with the knowledge that she hadn't said the forbidden words.  Yet.   So I ran too, in the opposite direction, through the rain, ran from her and from everyone, ran from the fear that she would shout at me to come back, ran from the fear that she wouldn't. 
I finally collapsed under a tree, a long distance away from the funeral.  I sat with my feet planted and my face up to the sky for a long time, occasionally rubbing my wrist to ease the aching pain from the already-developing scar.

Papa killed mama with his words.  All the pitying stares we got today meant everyone knew it too.  Everyone felt anger towards him, anger that he would kill such a sweet wonderful thing like mama.  Pity that we would be left on our own.  Self-righteous gladness that they hadn't ever said the forbidden words.   Even now papa was being carted off for six years in prison.  People spewing dangerous words weren't to be trifled with, so they were locked up as if it would stop the words from comin.
The funny thing was, he had said the forbidden words before.  Of course we never told; we always stuck by our mama.  And she said we weren't to tell.  She protected him with her words even as he slowly murdered her with his. 
No matter how many times he threw them at her like curses, he must not have truly meant it.  He must have still loved her in some tiny dark piece of his ugly, scarred heart. 

He held on for so long- until one morning we woke up and mama was dead in the living room.  Across her chest, right above her heart, we could see the glowing, spidery, forbidden words......
I closed my eyes to the rhythm of the rain and the remembrance of mama's warm cheek pressed against mine and the way it grew cold under my touch as I traced the letters and slowly wept....

i don't love you.  The words danced under my eyelids before I truly fell asleep. 

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