Worldview Academy (So awesome you don't even need an awesome post title!)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It challenged me, it convicted me, it inspired me, it pinned down exactly where I struggle and pointed me to God AGAIN AND AGAIN.   Ultimately it was God doing the convicting and inspiring, but he did it through Worldview Academy.

There are four main things that I absolutely loved. 

ONE- Quiet time every morning.  I can't say how cool it was to see all these teens spread out around the campus, sitting on the sidewalk, leaning against walls, bent in prayer on a bench.  And they're all experiencing things with God, they're all learning from his word.  It's incredible!   We get 25 minutes to just sit and have our own private quiet time with God, and it was truly one of my favorite parts.  That and worship.  Worship at the end of the night was so wonderful because it brought my focus back to God and allowed me to revel in his awe-inspiring beauty and majesty. 

(my view during one of my quiet times. the sky was GORGEOUS and unfortunately my camera wasn't nice enough to truly capture it)

TWO- The lectures were literally mind-boggling. Chock full of spiritual truths, verses, and motivational quotes.  I took so many notes and I learned so much.  plus it was fun to talk with different peoples between lectures and compare notes and eat one too many Luna bars.  (did I just say that out loud?)

(the lecture hall)

(it wasn't safe sitting next to them. so we sat behind and took pictures from a safer distance)
(Here's a better picture!)
Really, Chloe?

Okay, let's do this thing. 
(Mouth full of goldfish and she's still adorable) 
(haha now you're looking at her mouth)
(and now I'm going to get a comment from Abby)

(Is this better?)
One of the coolest part of the whole week (especially during the lectures) was how they always pointed it back to God.  "Be yourself"?  DON'T BE YOURSELF! Yourself is icky! Be like Jesus!  "You're different than the world?" Only because of Jesus are you different. 
Now I'm doing it with my thoughts.  "You did a good job with that, Chloe."  *perspective shift* Only because of Jesus did I do a good job.  ONLY.  That's a constant battle I'm waging.  Don't get me wrong, I don't always catch myself doing this. It's so natural, it's so right, it's so self-centered.

FOUR- Evangelism on Wednesday.  Not only did we learn all about our faith and other faiths, but on Wednesday we had the opportunity to go out and share what we'd been learning!  We split up into little groups of three or four campers, and then went onto the Missouri campus and just talked with the college students there.  It was so incredible, and so eye-opening.  Sometimes I unconsciously think that people only really  believe what I do, since those are the only people I come into contact to!  But that is obviously a lie, and after talking to non-Christians, catholics, Christians, and people with no faith at all, it strengthened my belief that I really do have my hope set on a strong rock. 

THREE- The people. My small group was so different and so fun!  We had a Joy, Sarah, Caroline, Maddie, Arayia, Aubrianna,  (they were twins) and Atalie. 

(Left to right: Sarah, Atalie, and Arayia)

(Joy and I!)

(My AWESOME small group leader and I)
(My roomie Maddie)

(Free time? TALK time in Caroline's room!)

(Aubrianna and I)

I have more pictures but LOADS more memories and little things I couldn't begin to go into.  Like how awesome it was for the guys to always take our plates or hold doors open for us or even let us go ahead in the food line.  Or the color team relay at the end of the week!  What about the pitiful attempts at frisby?  Or the two hour long talks during free time? 

So incredible, and I can't wait to go back next year. 


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  1. Wow! that sounds like a wonderfully fascinating experience! :D I absolutely love that idea of quiet time. It sounds perfect. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, you did a fantabulous job writing this post! You balanced photos and stories so well and nailed everything! Thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts on {blog} paper - it was a treat to re-live this!

  3. Ok for some stupid reason I've tried commenting like 3 times...not sure if it's gone through...? Because it's now showing! ANNNNYWAYS.
    Chloe, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear that you loved camp, and are wanting to go back next year. After all the info I told you, and even scared you with, you decided to come....girl, thank you for coming. You were a true blessing to have there, and I know you blessed many many others. Oh and thank for the pic ;) haha. Love you girl <3

  4. Hey it's me wait, what is this? Is it like something for your church or what?


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