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Sunday, June 22, 2014

I have a confession to make.  Not an easy one, either.  One I'll probably be ridiculed and teased for.  But I'm gonna be brave and say it.  *throws back shoulders* 

I got a Spotify. 

Now most of you are probably rolling your eyes at me and thinking "Um, I've had that for years. Get with it, Chloe.  What's the big deal?"  (And some of you are probably looking at the grammar in that sentence and gnashing your teeth)
No no no no.  You don't get it.  I've spent the past year or so gushing about Pandora (which I'm still very loyal to) and kind of tearing down Spotify.  I loved the variety of Pandora, thought Spotify was boring, blah blah blah, yata yata yata, and now here I am, with a Spotify.  I can hear Hannah in particular saying "I TOLD YOU SO!"
 Yes, Hannah, you did.  And I have been humbled and I can truthfully say, I have really benefited from Spotify. I mean come on.  I was stupid to think that whole soundtracks at my disposal wasn't a good thing!!  Although I have to note, I haven't really discovered much new through Spotify.  Just sayin.  Pandora still has that pro.  :D

ALL THAT TO SAY *cough* after Worldview I came home on fire and went tearing through my iTunes account, appalled at my lack of worship songs.  Most of them were the upbeat inspiring Toby Mac/Britt Nicole/Capital Kings etc.  Which I also still love.  But the slower, sweeter worship music from Hillsong, Jason Gray and David Crowder Band that focus soley on Jesus?  SPOTIFY!  (Nice for a broke girl like moi)

Here's a list of my favorites, feel free to comment with some of yours!  There are so many out there I've barely scratched the surface. 

Chloe Salts, 6/22/14

  • Alive: Natalie Grant (This one gives me chills)
  • Beautiful Things: Gungor
  • Christ Is Enough: Hillsong Young & Free
  • O Praise Him (All for a king): David Crowder Band
  • Love Came Down: Kari Jobe
  • Oceans: Hillsong United (one of my ALL TIME favorites)
  • Our God: Chris Tomlin
  • Our God Is Greater: Shane&Shane
  • Power of the Cross: Natalie Grant
  • Psalm 62: Aaron Keyes (Worldview peeps, you'll recognize this one!)
  • Stronger: Hillsong-Worship (And this one)
  • Revelation song: Kari Jobe (I love her version of this)
  • With every act of love: Jason Gray
  • Your love never fails: Jesus Culture
  • Broken Hallelujah: The Afters
  • Your Great Name: Natalie Grant
  • Beautiful: Kari Jobe
  • Not For A Moment (After All): Meredith Andrews
  • Every Good thing: The Afters (This is more upbeat, but I'm still singing my heart out in praise for God so I thought I'd include it!)

As you can see, my list isn't huge.  I'm still working on it, and it's growing day by day!

Now here's a Christian worship song that's also upbeat. I just discovered it and I love it!

My advice? Pick at least two of these songs that you've never heard of and go listen to them this week.  Your day will be that much better, I promise!
And now I'm off for some beauty sleep.  G'night, peeps! 

xo Chloe xo

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  1. Look up Casting Crowns. Their music is great!


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