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Sunday, June 29, 2014

I've been digging through old things lately.  Mainly old letters, (different story for another time) but also some old writing as well.  Yup, I'm digging DEEP.  I've unearthed some lovely tidbits...

I picked a few from a year or two ago and thought I'd let y'all vote on which one you think I should re-write or add more to.  Here's my top four! (mostly unedited)  (Which reminds me of Princess Bride, except these aren't mostly dead)


Everyone thought of me as a beast.  Since the day I had found the magic inside me I was considered different.  People have stretched the truth of what I used to be.  A prince, they said.  As if.  I was nothing but a farmer  And I was happy with that.  Before any of it started.  Before I met Belle.  Before I had become the beast....

Chapter One
Once, long ago, there was a tale of a young man.  Legend says he was cursed by a fairy and turned into a beast.  But if the beast could find someone to give up his human life in exchange for the beast, he would be set free.  Nobody would do it, until the day that a boy be-friended the beast.  The beast, seeing this as the only way out, cursed the boy with the form of a beast and escaped.  And the boy was left in terror, wondering what he would do.  Years passed, and the boy-turned-beast lived on what he could find while he tried to say hidden.  Nobody would go near him.  Nobody but his sister, who loved him with a  love that could never break.  Belle was  my sister.  This is her story.


Chapter One

My story book begins with a once upon a time and a boy named Raegan.  See him over there?  He's rather medium height, stick skinny, with his ordinary brown hair, a small smile, and, well, here's the strange thing- Purple eyes.  Strange, isn't it?  Let's follow him around a bit and see what he does.  This is his story, after all.  At least, that's what he thinks.

I wasn't sure how I'd do this, but I wanted to write a book where the reader is narrating about the character's adventure.  Somehow. 


There must have been thousands standing in the rain that day.  I should know; I was one of those people letting the rain soak me and puddle around my boots.  Thunder grumbled half-heartedly in the distance.  Even nature seemed to realize the great loss.  "Eesie-" Someone pulled at my arm.  "We have to leave.  Please, Eesie..."
Rain droned on the hard ground, splashing my tear-streaked face.  "I hate you." The words were a mere whisper, but she heard them all the same. 
I clenched and unclenched my fists.
"I hate you."
"You- hate me?" She looked up, and then down.  Her lip was red from where she had clamped down on it, and silent tears rolled down her nose.  White lines formed on her skin, just above her wrist.  They cut deep, but she couldn't feel it.  Or see it, for that matter. Only I could. 
She hates you... The silver words glowed on her skin.  All along her arms I saw the scars shine bright, scars from cruel words out of my own mouth, sentence that had hurt, deep wounds from long ago.  Even as I watched they faded and grew dim, still visible but only just. 
I shoved past her, leaving her crying under the trees and ran.  "You're a jerk, you know that?" She sobbed behind me.  I didn't look back, just shivered as her words dug into my wrist. 

Even if you guys don't pick this one I still want to pursue it more.
Last one!


Thursday was a beautiful, sunny, hot day.  And that's how I remember it.  Bright.  I was in the front seat, Dad was driving.  We had the music going full blast, and nobody was paying much attention to the road.  Not until the sound of a frantic car horn honking in front of us made Dad slam on the brakes.
I remember screams.  Yells.  Horns going off and the sickening crunch of the two cars colliding.  My head hitting the dashboard and the bright sun burning my eyelids as they closed.

There ya have it! Your four options!  You can vote in the comments or by emailing me :)

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  1. Girl I love them all!!!! You are such a talented writer. Keep using your gift.

  2. I agree with Jerica! They're all really good! But I love your idea for #2, when the reader is narrating about the character's adventure, I think that would make a really cool story!

  3. They're all really awesome! You're a great writer too :) I think I would probably pick #4 as my favorite, but they're all good.


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