Saturday, June 14, 2014

I felt like making up a word today.  So I did. :D you figure out what it means. 

(Even though I just returned from my camp, this post was already mostly completed and I still have to decide how exactly to talk about one of the best weeks of my life.  So here's the promised post!)

I've had little hints and pictures of it here and there, even one post with the things I was looking forward to about having my own bedroom.  Now that I've had my bedroom for quite awhile I'm sitting down to the task of rounding up my progress pictures!!!!!!!!   Commence "bedroom post"; a.k.a. Pictures documenting the entire process of building Chloe's bedroom.

First stage-

Stage two, insulation in the walls-

Stage three, the walls are up!

Stage four, the fun part: Painting the walls!

And then the slightly trickier part, painting the CEILING.

My lovely mother, doing the detail work that I fail at


I am so thankful to all the people who helped build my room.  Particularly my fantastic dad who did most of the construction, but also my grandpa (electrics), mom (painting), siblings (enthusiasm even when it didn't look like much), uncle and aunt (some of the funding), Mr. Bowman (walls), carpet people (umm- carpet, I think.... ;) ) and everyone who listened to me go on and on about how EXCITED I was for a room and all my plans and dreams, whilst wildly waving a paintbrush around. :D  It took a lot of time (I ended up painting pretty much the entire room), along with some money saving for the decorations and some time sacrificing for the clean-up.  But that's nothing when I have the happiness of presenting my mostly-finished room to you!




The lighting is off, the decorating is in process stage, but as Ron Weasley put it: "It's not much, but it's home."

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  1. Hey Chloe! I tagged you over at my blog: http://afreemindsw.blogspot.com/2014/06/liebster-award.html


  2. You've done such a good job with it! The blue on the ceiling looks great!


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