Birthday Girls {Laurel&Jerica}

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's grown into a habit now.  I love writing birthday blog posts!  It also gives me good accountability at remembering the exact birthdates, which I am truly awful at. Just last night I was quizzed by my friends and found seriously lacking.  I thought for sure I had a certain friend's birthday date down finally and it turns out I'm yet again ONE STINKIN DAY OFF.

*mentally re-composes self*

It's gotten to the point that I truly need to post the dates on my bulletin board in point 20 font.  *groan*
BUT! TODAY I TRIUMPH!  Today I kill two birds with one stone!  Laurel Stewart's birthday was yesterday (don't worry, I sent her a birthday email) and Jerica Steinbach's is today!  Which means double the fun and double the uniqueness of these two wonderful ladies.

Both is good.

Just a disclaimer before we start, I really try hard to remember every pony's birthdays, but like I said before, I kinda suck at it.  A lot. Which is why I'm going to get a husband who is good at remembering dates and all that jazz but that is totally beside the point.  I'm sorry if I have missed your birthday, and I apologize ahead of time because I'm sure I will in the future.   Let's just say happy  birthday to everyone!

Now that that's settled, let's start with Laurel Stewart, since her birthday was yesterday.  I had the special privilege of playing two years of volleyball with Laurel, which is really where we became friends.  Hanging out so much in such a short period of months can do that to a person;)  This girl is sure something special! She has incredible volleyball skills, she is such a joy to be around, and she has the cutest laugh! I'm sorry, but it's true!

Some facts about Laurel....

  • She loves Harry Potter and I am proud to say I got to watch the 6th, 7th, and 8th movies with her. It always makes me unreasonably happy when someone joins the Harry Potter fandom.  I didn't technically make her join but I aided her along the way :D
  • She also loves puppy chow
  • You can never spend too much time with her without hearing her laugh. She does it a lot;)
  • She isn't always as talkative in large groups, but one on one is even better because that's when she's in her element!
  • She's such a funny combination of morning person and night owl! She enjoys being up early, but she also likes to sleep in.  She's also guilty of staying up until midnight without realizing it! Her goal (as I last heard) was to get to bed at 10:15. Or maybe it was 10.  Either way, I'm impressed! I'm never ever in bed by 10.
  • She's officially read the Hobbit! Now to convince her to read the actual series... yes, Precious...
  • She loves sweets and (I will never understand this) coffee.  0_o
  • PLUS PLUS she has the cutest collection of scarves!  At our co-op this winter she always had a new one on, and they were never not cute!  That's pretty impressive to me.

If you aren't convinced already, Laurel is absolutely wonderful!  (I don't really have any pictures of her and I together, which is a true crime.... Take that back!  I have one of us playing volleyball. Wadya know?)

Happy birthday you beautiful person!
I really could go crazy with these gifs. I love them way too much for my own good :D
And now for the "official" birthday girl, Jerica Lee Steinbach!
Jerica is such a wonderful person and I have so many fun memories with her. Lots are (can you guess?) also from volleyball!  We also have some pretty spectacular sleepovers.  Remember when we watched the Hobbit for the first time and gorged ourselves on funfetti puppy chow and sour patch kids? Or when we had that magnificent photo shoot on the most windy day we could have possibly picked?   We've stayed up until midnight texting, we've argued but always made up, she was the one to set me the ball that led to my first hit, and I WAS THE ONE WHO SHOWED HER THE WAY TO THE DARK SIDE!  After reading the hobbit and watching both parts (with yours truly) I'm doing my very best to convince her to start on the oh-so-scary-task of reading the Lord of the Rings. 

Facts about Jerica....

  • She doesn't like chocolate. 
  • She actually much prefers the fruity candies, like sour patch kids or jolly ranchers.
  • She loves chevron
  • The most she's driven in their giant mammoth of a vehicle at one time is five hours. I am still EXTREMELY impressed.
  • She will never eat day-old cookies.  Only fresh-out-of-the-oven ones. Call her picky, but she has good taste!
  • She always types with her thumbs when she uses her iPod. I'm a one finger girl, so that also impresses me.
  • She's extremely studios and smart, and has high hopes of pursuing a career that involves biology.  To prove how much she loves it, she's going to a biology camp this summer!  She asked if I wanted to go, I asked if she was insane. :D I'm just glad God gifted people other then me with gifts like that!
  • She never cries for movies.  o.o
  • She's extremely athletic
  • She was adopted on May 15th fourteen years ago. 
  • She's like Laurel in that she's a very weird mix of night owl and morning person.  She gets up at six freakin o'clock in the morning to do MATH, but stays up until 10:30 or 11 most nights.  She's a crazy, but I love her;)

These two ladies are wonderful, encouraging, sweet, and true!  Happy fifteenth birthday Laurel and Jerica!

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  1. D'www! I love your birthday posts! Thank you so much for being such an awesome friend! I didn't know you could remember all those things! It truly amazes me. And you and Jerica are absolutely the cutest!! :D

  2. Sweet Chloe! I agree with you when you say you love these girls, and it's fun to see all the GIFs you find:)

  3. Chloe, YOU are the sweetest writer ever. Not to mention, amazing a describing people!


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