23 Reasons You Need To Visit Florida

Monday, May 19, 2014

1. You get a tan!

2. The ocean, maybe.

3. Did I already say a tan?

4. The sun

5. .......Which inevitably means a tan!!  (or a magnificent sunburn but I choose to think optimistically)


6. The weather (perfect excuse to go swimming every day)

7. The people are so much friendlier down here in the South! I was standing in line for the bathroom and I sneezed and a man next to me said "Bless you!" People were constantly talking to us, telling us we had a beautiful family or commenting on my dad's Husker hat. It's such a nice atmosphere. 

8. Amazing outlet malls and shopping options.  My most daring wardrobe piece that I acquired there was definitely my camo capris.  *shrugs* What can I say?  I love them!

9. If I liked seafood I'd tell you that's a reason to come; unfortunately the extent of my seafood love is salmon, or maybe maybe maybe some crab. But that's quite a lot of maybes.  Florida does have amazing food options, though.  Here we are, waiting for some Italian!

10. You can rent a bike, buy a smoothie, and then bike wherever you want to go! 

11. Lots of great driving hours, depending on where you live.  For us it was 18 altogether to get there, not including the time to get back home.

 I *cough cough* drove six hours of the way there, and totally freaked out when a huge semi changed lanes extremely fast right in front me.  I slammed on the breaks none too gently and managed to keep us from colliding into the back of the semi.  To his credit I wasn't paying very much attention to the people in the lane next to me, and so when he had to get over because of a cop and I wasn't slowing down he had to make it work.  It still scared the pants off of me and my heart did not stop beating furiously until at least five minutes afterwards.
Oh but the 18 hours was SO WORTH IT because look at our view when we got there!

12. You can wear a swimsuit to the store and people won't judge you!

13. Wet hair and bare feet are also perfectly acceptable! (okay minus the bare feet)

14. Amazing photo ops

15. Lots of adorable little shops with grossly overpriced merchandise that we buy anyway because we're tourists

16. Bragging rights!

17. Palm trees

18. The most incredible donut shop in the world- I swear by their chocolate iced peanut butter filled donut.  Seriously, swing by the Donut Hole as if your life depended on it, because it does.  Their donuts are to die for.

19. A chance to wear your swimsuit early

20. Beautiful birds

21. Little towns with names like Seaside and Watercolor

22. The soft beautiful sand

23. A chance to squeal when you see a crab in the water and then frantically run after it, "trying" to catch it.  My siblings are efficient at this game, although they never seem to try very hard... Might have something to do with the pinchers... Look at us, crab hunting! ;) Nets and all.

Are you convinced yet????? 

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  1. LOVE the pictures!! SOunds like you had an awesome time in Florida:) I'm starting to think you might be proud of your tan, hmm, how many times did you mention int? :P Can't wait to catch up!

    1. Haha how could you tell? It was definitely awesome, but what will be even more awesome is finally getting to catch up with you:)

  2. 2 weeks ago we went to Florida on vacation and three days ago I got back from Boca Raton for a competition! :) I don't tan very well but actually got a nice tan!
    I look forward to reading your blog!!

    1. It really is the perfect month to go on vacation, isn't it? :) Tans are lovely, Florida is lovely, and your comment is lovely. Thanks again Samantha!

  3. Utterly convinced! I love going to the beach, except for everything is always sandy (my hair *cough cough*) I loved reading this whole post, you are so talented! Especially the magnificent sunburn, camo pants (what can you say? :) ) and the smoothie drinking and biking (JEALOUS) Take me with you next time, m'k?

  4. I love the beach sooo much! Ugh. So jealous of you right now!

  5. Random non-stalkerish question--were y'all near Grayton Point/Santa Rosa Beach? Because this is where me and my family were about a week ago, and we went to Seaside. I loved it there (especially the bookstore :P ).


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