Studio C Favorite Videos Part 2

Friday, May 09, 2014

Remember this post?   >>>  Studio C (Short post)
 It went hugely popular and everyone started watching Studio C and long story short I'm back with an installation of part two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

 They have so many videos that I really couldn't compile all my favorites in one post, hence the second part.  Be prepared to laugh, and laugh HARD;)

Just a note, these aren't in any particular order of special significance, along with the fact that I'll probably miss some more of my favorites. There's just that many of them!  Ready?

-Lord of the Wingman-
-Dungeons and Dragons-
-The Doorstep, Part 1-
-The Doorstep, Part 2-
-Flirting Academy-
-I Call Shotgun- 
(now this one I can REALLY relate to)
-Best Friends-
-Reference Check-
(not to pick a favorite, but this one had me in hysterics)
-Google Translator-
(As did this one!)

-Dinner Party-
I hope you enjoyed taking the time to laugh!  Do you have any favorite Studio C videos not on here?

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