Sometimes I Hate Technology: A lesson in gratefulness and idols and all that jazz

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Haha so you all know how my iPod died about a month ago?  Welllllll my technological troubles have not ended there!!!  Since the 3rd gen iPod I have currently is basically only good for email and music (which are both fantastic in themselves) I was using the computer more for things like Pinterest and Facebook.  Notice the past tense.  Yah, we lost the use of our WIFI last weekend, which meant no nothing unless I used my parent's iPhones.  Then wouldn't ya know, the day we got our WIFI back, the computer was banned for everyone because of extremely bad ads that were popping up.  It took awhile to get a filter on, hence the shortage of blog posts.  Funnily enough, when I go to Pinterest and try to click on a pin, our computer is so protected now it won't let me. 

*deep groan*

Not to say that I'm complaining.  At all. 

Okay yah, maybe a little.  And I'm sorry, I shouldn't be.  In our world it's so easy to get the mindset that things should be fast and easy; our society likes to say that's reality!  Technology is no exception to these lies.  This whole process, as much as I've chaffed against it, has been really good for me.  More time for reading *always a good thing*, more motivation for school work, more trampoline time with my ever-excited siblings, more appreciation for when I do have WIFI or a computer. 
Technology is such a blessing, and such a curse.  I can bless others through it, and yet I can curse God by taking him off the throne of my life and putting the god of tech on it.   I still have yet to figure out a balance, but I know God will love me no matter what ;) :)

All that to say, it's been an interesting process, but I'm excited to be able to start posting again!  Thank you for your patience!  

Oh and for fun, here are some pictures of Jerica's and my photo shoot.  You really can get a lot done without iPods and computers! ;)




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