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Sunday, April 20, 2014

I'm still trying to decide how to start this post.  I asked God to show me something new about the Easter story today; hearing this story so many times it starts to lose the special sacredness.   I asked that he make me excited to hear about what He did for me.  I asked that He would help me to understand a new depth in the story.  And although this may not be new to you, he showed me something from after His resurrection.  It happens in John chapter 20, after John and Peter have found Jesus' tomb empty.  The story fast-forwards to Mary Magdalene, and I can only imagine how she must be feeling.  She must have come to see for herself if what the disciples said was true. 

I can see it now; her slim figure making her way quickly and quietly to the tomb, her eyes searching, deathly afraid of what she will find.  With a gasp she sees the stone, now rolled away from the gaping hole of an entrance.  Hurried steps bring her to the mouth. With one glance she can see the entire inside of the tomb.  Empty.  Another look and she blinks away tears to see that she is not alone.  Two men clothed in stunning white sit where the body used to be. 
Mary answers in a pained voice when they ask her, kindly, why she is crying.  "They have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid him."  These words release another wave of tears, and she turns away only to see another man standing in front of her.  I can only imagine the extent of her grief and how she can barely see through her tears.  Maybe Jesus was in another form, maybe she was so grieved she truly was not paying attention to anyone.   Whatever the case, it says that she did not know that it was Jesus.

"Woman, why are you weeping?  Whom are you seeking?" Two questions from someone she supposes to be the gardener. In her sadness she cries out with desperation.  "Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have laid him, and I will take him away." 

Now listen to this.  This, the part I have read and re-read. 

Jesus looks at her, and says one word: Her name.  "Mary." Imagine how much tender love and soft compassion he pours into that one word.  So much so that she looks up and sees him at last for who he is.  Her Teacher has come back.

I love how He doesn't reveal himself to her. He doesn't show her straightaway with fireworks. He doesn't talk until she believes Him.  He doesn't even try.  It takes one word, ONE WORD.  This from the man who made her!  He knew the date of her birth, He knew the date of her death.  He knew exactly how many freckles Mary would have when she was a little girl.  He knew how she would follow Him, love Him, and weep for Him.  And when He comes back He uses the name that He knew she would have.  He suffered and died for her, and the only thing He says is 'Mary'.  My dear, blessed, forgiven, Mary whom I created and love and died for.

This story makes me so happy because I know that what He did for Mary, He does for me everyday. When He hung up on the cross, two thousand years ago this day, He knew me and He knew my sins and He knew exactly who He was dying for.  And yet He still did it. 
Thank you Lord Jesus for creating me.  Beautiful and sinful as I am, with a name that you gave me.  A name that means "blooming and growth".  I can grow again because of your sacrifice. Only through you can I live up to my name.  Only through you can I do anything.  Only through Jesus.  My Teacher.  

For He is risen! 

He is risen! The real reason for Easter!

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  1. beautiful and inspiring <3 thank you :)
    Happy Easter :)

    1. Thank you Autumn! I hope your Easter was wonderful!!!

  2. I love this!!! Thank you!
    Also, I've been reading Kisses from Katie and I LOVE IT!!
    And, if you're curious, I've made a new blog, that's not just English assignments :) You can check it out if you want. :)

    1. Oh YAY!!!! On all three accounts!! You loved it, you're reading one of my favorite books, and you have a blog!!!! :D :D :D :D I'm looking at it as we speak!

  3. This is great, Chloe. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Anna!!! It was fun to see you today girly:) Praying your leg heals fast. Happy (late) Easter!


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