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Goodreads- My new favorite site

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hey all!!  This post will be short but I just discovered the jackpot of a site and thought I'd share.  It's called Goodreads and I've spent this last half hour exploring it to my little bookworm's heart delight.  It's SUPER easy and really a brilliant idea.  You sign up (duh!) then go through and find and rate books you've read.  Once you've done about twenty they make up a list of recommendations for you based on those books you said you liked.  You can also look at other friend's profiles and see how they rated a certain book.  Plus it helps you organize all the books that you plan on reading in the future into another list.  It's a site full of lists!  Can you now see why I love it??

Just go check it out even for a few minutes.  I'd love to have more people to follow and exchange book recommendations with! 
{Click on the picture for the site}

If you scroll down, on the right side, underneath my feedback box I downloaded a widget that showcases all of my favorite books!!  What's not to love?!

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  1. The day I discovered Goodreads was the best day of my life. That site is magical I swear. Everyone needs to know of the awesomeness that is Goodreads.
    Although I've been really bad at keeping up with it, I still love it to pieces.

    1. It IS really fun, isn't it???? Would you mind if I asked what your user was? I think you've recommended some books to me before that I ended up really enjoying, and I ALWAYS love new book recommendations! :) :) Mine is here --->


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