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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Just yesterday I had the privilege of getting to hear Sidney (I'msorryIforgotherlastname) speak about Inner Beauty at my Bright Lights bible study group.  Her message was uplifting and fun and interactive all at the same time, and even though it was many of the same things I've heard all my life, it was so good to hear them presented in a slightly different light with lots of scriptures to back it up. 

Countless times during my past week I fell into a trap that is so familiar to me you'd think I'd have recognized it by now and would be able to get out with ease.  MY APPEARANCE.  Grrr.  Pretty much every day of the week I'm seeing someone, and I love to dress up when I go out to see people.  A little mascara, a pair of pink jeggings, and I feel very loverly.  And.  I'm not saying that is bad.  Because it's fun!  I'm a girl and I love to go shopping and experiment with makeup and so on.  But sometimes that love becomes an idol, an all-consuming idol, until I feel like if I don't have makeup on when I go out to see people, I look ugly. 
Lemme tell you, I know MANY beautiful girls who don't wear makeup!!!  One of Sidney's points was our focus, and one of the things she said really helped put it into perspective, "God's image is stamped on you.  Be more concerned about God's image than your image." 
Because girls remember what we're here for?  TO GIVE GLORY TO THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!  And often my focus on dressing up isn't to bring God the glory.  I want to get the glory because I actually managed to put my eyeliner on semi-straight!  Silly example, sure, but it's pretty true.  The focus is truly what matters.  "Living to be beautiful for the world will leave you empty.  Being beautiful inside because of character and self respect will leave you feeling satisfied." 
(Another extremely wise quote she gave us)
I want to be a girl who lives to be beautiful inside AND OUT for God.  Only God can know our true motivations for how we look.  That stays between me and Him, therefore I shouldn't judge others who don't agree with me, something I'm extremely guilty of. 
I still have a lot to learn about how to balance the inner and outer beauty, and these are just a few of my thoughts I felt like sharing you with you all. 

One more quote from Sidney....  The greatest beauty comes from the LOVE that God has for all of us and in the great plan He has for every one of us.  God created all of his children to be beautiful, especially all of His daughters.  However, His daughters are the one that are attacked most openly by society.  This is the work of the devil, trying to attack God's daughters through today's culture.  Why?  Because he views God's daughters as a threat.  They are dangerous to him because they are one of God's most beautiful and wonderful creations.  They can truly shine the beauty, glory and love of God by following Him and sharing His love with others, which is scary to the devil.  They have the potential to provide so much to this world and to the Lord, from whom all power and love flows. 

Thanks for listening!
Chloe <3

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  1. Hello you Princess of the Most High God. Thank you for following my fairy tales board on pinterest! I saw on your profile Christian AND teen. Those two words together are the most powerful force (with Jesus inside) on earth. Keep writing and always use your gifts to encourage your peers. So nice to meet you. And so glad to see you are so full of fire. God bless!


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