Studio C (Short post)

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

This is going to be short, and I know it's been awhile since I've posted, so I'm sorry for making you wait so long for a post that's going to be so non-lengthy.  :)  BUT.  Hopefully the videos I'm about to show you will definitely make up for that times ten, whenever you get around to watching them.  Because you must.  Watch.  These. Videos! 
Studio C is a group of eleven or ten people who have at least 200 of the cleanest/shortest/funniest videos ever!  The credit goes to the Dewolfs for showing me these.  There's no crude humor, bathroom jokes, innuendo, or anything.  Just good ol fashioned fun.  Here are my top favorites!

Now don't watch this one if you've never done the P90X workout before.  But for those of you who have, PLEASE WATCH IT.  Watch it until you cry!!!  This is my favorite video by far.

Second favorite: (Poker Face)

And third favorite: (Channel Surfing)

Lady Shadow
Facebook friends song!

Presidential Shoulder Angel!

International Relations



Last Will and Testament
Teddy's Story Joint
And there are millions more but my brothers want to go investigate the ones we've never seen before, so I'll sign off now!!! 

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  1. Just so y'all know... I'm the one who discovered these for her!!! Don't give her all the credit:) But yes, regardless of who found them, these are the BEST EVER!!!!! I've watched all 200-something.... :p

    1. If you see at the top I gave your family the credit!!! Just sayin!!!! :) :) but yes they are. Absolutely.

  2. hehe, my family watched these (my dad even watched the p-90x one!) and we laughed so hard! I loved the natural foods one... minus the kiss, and that's how a lot of people act today! :) I love your creative posts... I would have never thought to post about something like this!

    1. I'm so glad you watched them, they can provide hours of mindless entertainment. I should know, it's happened at our house!!!


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