My Ten Favorite iPod "Hacks"

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Notice my parentheses around the word hacks.  These aren't really hacks, just neat little tricks and things I've found after having a 4th generation iPod.  

  1. The "double click" tip.  This one took me forever to find.  When you click on an app, use it for awhile, and then close out, it doesn't stop running.  When you move on to other apps all the ones you've used are still going in the background, draining your iPod energy.  NOT GOOD.    To get rid of these, double click the home button fast.  A little grey strip should pop up with all your apps that you have open.  Hold down your finger on the first app, just like you would to delete one.  Little red minus signs should show up.  Go ahead and close out of all these.  Don't worry, they won't delete the app.  I was so nervous the first time I tried.  Losing all my apps-!!! 

  2. Want to add a new photo album?  It's simple.  Go to your photos and look for the + sign that should show up in the top corner.  Click on that to add a new album.
  3. How to look at the picture you just snapped.  While you're on camera you can do that.  Swipe your screen to the right, and the picture you just took will show up.  Swipe to the left to go back to camera.  Simple! 
  4. Saving images from online.  Simply hold your finger down on the image and a little button will pop up:

  5. Take a screenshot.  MY FAVORITE.  I use this all the time.  All those pictures above?  Screenshots!  Just click the home button and the power button at the same time to take a picture of whatever is on your screen at the moment.  Genius! 
  6. Want to go to all caps when typing?  I use this all the time.  Just double click the arrow on the side of the keyboard!

  7. You can "show subject field" in messages!  Go to Settings and click on Messages.  Under that at the bottom you can turn subject field on!
       8. Change your app icon patterns and colors!  This one is seriously fun, and if you like being  coordinated, you can change them to all be the same pattern/style as your background for a super matchy-matchy screen.  See this tutorial to show you how!

     9. Delete songs.  I laugh, because for the LONGEST time I didn't know how to do this!!  It's exactly the same as deleting messages or emails.  Just a quick left swipe to show the "delete button".  Simple, huh? 

     10. You can also see the full song title with composer and album.  Just hold your finger over a song and this will pop up:
These are just a few little hacks I love.  How about you techies?  Do you all have any favorites? 
Chloe xoxox

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  1. Ha! Love how you used our convo ;) Now everyone thinks we send ":)" and ";)" all the time!! Hahah ;) love your hacks, great post!

    1. I didn't think you would mind!! There wasn't anything super shocking in our texts!! ;)


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