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Sunday, February 23, 2014

So I've had a lot of random little blog post ideas floating around in my mind.  And if I can figure out how to expand upon them a bit better, they'll be great posts.  BUT.  I have not had time to do any expanding, so I'm falling back onto one of ma easy posts that shows you what I've been up to recently.  ^_^

Probably the biggest thing lately was our late Valentines Day Topeka weekend!  My dad heard about an Anne of Green Gables play that was being performed there, so he and my mom decided to get a hotel and just call it a late Valentines Day present, since we didn't do anything on the before-stated day. 
The play was adorable.  It was short and I so wanted it to be longer, but I really liked it!  My favorite two were the girls who played Anne and Diana.  They really did a good job!  I was impressed, the actor for Anne actually died her hair red!  No wig for her, she wanted to be as authentic as possible. 

(The stage)  Sorry, picture-taking during the performance was prohibited or I'd have more!

Also while we were there I picked up the book Divergent at Barnes and Nobles.  O.O  Guys, I couldn't put this book down!  I literally started reading Friday afternoon, and then read on and off all day until I got in bed and read until twelve.  The whole concept is just so intriguing!  It's very similar to the Hunger Games, and has quite a bit of romance near the end, but nothing inappropriate.  Unfortunately out of the ten-some books they have at the library, there are 18 HOLDS.  No joke.  The new movie coming out for it has certainly sparked people's interest!  And for good reason.

Noah is THIRTEEN YEARS OLD.  Nope.  Nope.  Nope.  Two teenagers in the house, goodness.  Although that's not really saying much compared to many homeschooled families, it's a little odd for us!!

For his birthday, we didn't do much on the actual date (unless you count giving him The Hobbit, which I think is a pretty darn good gift) because this weekend he and my dad and two of his friends are going to Great Wolf Lodge for his special thirteenth birthday. 
On his birthday morning I made these amazing little donut/muffin things.  We couldn't quite figure out what to call them, since they weren't really either.  So we settled for cupcakes.  ^_^

And speaking of donuts, I was having fun snapping pictures at our little trip to Varsity donuts. 

Has anyone been to their donut truck?  I'd love to try their macaroni sandwich or bacon bomb just to say I have!!

Something not so delicious would be all the dissections that I've gotten to help with these past weeks.  Notice the word help.  Josh (my lab partner) has been happy to do the touching of the creature, be it worm or crayfish, which I wouldn't really mind but certainly don't want to do if I don't have to! 

Lately I've also been having fun with a wii game!  I don't normally get into many games on our wii, actually I rarely play it, which is a shame since it really is fun and I love getting to challenge and sometimes even beat my siblings at it.  But Harry Potter LEGO wii is so much fun!  Something about it, maybe just that I've read the books, or know something about a game that my siblings don't, (mwhahaha) combines to make it really fun to play for me!  (Lord of the Rings wii game is fun too but we didn't have it from the library long enough for me to really enjoy it)

Oh oh oh.  And.  I found my main character's cousin for my newest story!  Would you like to see her?  Of course you would.  You have no choice!

She, of course, is still nameless. 
Isn't she so cute? 
The newly harvested people?  Because they think they're a danger?
This last picture makes me so sad..... It probably makes you guys rather sad too, although most of you don't even know why it is that I'm sad.  Oh the joys of being a writer! 
And hey, while we're on "being a writer" why don't I just pull out some of my favorite writerly quotes?  Because those are always good.  :) 
I had to laugh! This is so true!
And now that I'm all good and inspired, one more thing that I really love, from J.R.R Tolkien:
A letter from J.R.R. Tolkien.... Maybe we should just let the books write themselves....
Maybe we should just let the books write themselves.... Here's a thought....
And now that time of night where I do this: 
Thanks for listening to my late ramblings thoughts!! 

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  1. Haha - LOVE that last one! So me every single night ;) The play sounds so fun! That is so neat that she actually dyed her hair ... did she do green, too? Sounds like you had a great week!

    1. You and me both!
      I was really hoping she would, but they were moving so quickly between scenes she wouldn't have had time to even put on a wig, much less dye it!
      It was very fun:) :)

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