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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day with the Smith kids.  These children ALWAYS make my day.  I come away absolutely exhausted, and yet feeling so happy.  Their joy and fun is infectious!   I was there from nine in the morning until five at night.  During that time we had a Dutch Blitz tournament, which I won, a drawing competition (which I also won), watched Duck Dynasty, played the wii-u (I did not win at that), and tried to make homemade "healthified" Wendy's Frosties.  This was the reaction of the kids when they tasted them:

(Micah didn't want his picture taken, but Canaan and Addie were happy to comply) 

We also had fun with our game that has become tradition for whenever I come to babysit.  Coralina is about a super cool girl who can do loads of cool things and always gets into the weirdest fixes.  Can you guess who plays Coralina?  ;) ;) 
It started a few years ago when we were make-believe playing we were cowboys on a train.  This soon turned into me having to be smuggled away in a secret compartment in the train, to what it is now: Every game Coralina goes on secret missions, hunts down villains, and finds that every game, Addie is somehow related to her and her mysterious past.  Micah is usually the brilliant scientist or despicable villain, and Canaan the adorably evil sidekick.

Pomegranate seeds+greek yogurt.  The sweetness of the seeds coupled with the tang of the yogurt always wakes me up in the morning.

My new iPod case!!!  I've never really owned an iPod case that I love.  All of them have been pretty cheap and not really my favorite.  I love this new one!

Lord of the Rings Extended edition movie nights with Noah.  Noah can be a real pill, but somehow when Lord of the Rings turns on we forget all that and just have fun as siblings:)  The only time he ruins it are the few romance scenes.  Then he has to comment and make fun the whole time.  THIS is why he doesn't watch North and South or Pride and Prejudice with me!

Snickers protein shake.  Enough said!

Burt's Bees Daisy Facewash.  This one, out of all the kinds I've tried, has to be my favorite.  It smells and feels the best, by far.

Blood-tangerine roll on perfume.  Mmmmm this is another one I love to smell.  My mom got it for me for Christmas, and I was very pleasantly surprised.  She later told me how hard it is to pick out perfume for other people, which I can believe.  She struck gold this time, though!

Sea glass jars.  This was a tutorial I found on Pinterest, and had always wanted to try.  By mixing Elmer's glue with food coloring, you can paint it over Mason Jars and it will dry with a sort of sea glass tint. 

Every Good Thing by the After.  I love this song.  It's super upbeat and cute and we always start dancing when we hear it.

But to make it more real..... Those were all things I've loved about my week, but that isn't to say there haven't been downsides.  So I'll share those too, just so you can see how not-put-together my life is:)

Going back to school.  I must say, I have such a love-hate relationship with school, especially the whole "waking up early" gig I have to go through every morning.  I love it because I feel so much more accomplished, and yet I hate it because of how much time and energy it sucks.

Dry hands.  UGH.  Winter is vicious when it comes to skin.  My problem is my hands always hurt the most when I don't have any lotion available.  Funny how that works, isn't it?

Arguing about lunch.  Yes... Along with school comes my temper.  I don't want to try and justify it, but when I get tired I tend to get a little crankier.  One time after biology I came home to find that all the taco meat was gone.  I had been envisioning a baked tostada dripping with sour cream and meat and avocado chunks.  But apparently my siblings ate it all before I got home.  Then I made a bigger deal about it then it should have been, and my mom and I started snapping at each other.  Later we asked for forgiveness, but it helped put my life into perspective.  How many children are starving right at this minute, while here I am pouting because I don't get my taco? 

Neglecting my bible time in the morning.  Honestly, it takes some will power to sit down and do my bible time.  Half of me wants to, and half of me is thinking about all the school I could be getting done right now.  But then I realize that the only reason I want to get it done is so that I have more free time later in the day, and I know that I won't be spending it with Jesus.  How ashamed I feel.  Many times I completely forget, and a few are when I put it off and then end up not doing it at all.  I'm so grateful for God's mercy on me, and his constant willingness to still meet with me whenever I need to!


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