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Friday, January 10, 2014

Hey all!  Sorry it's been so long since I've published anything of any sort on my blog.  I feel like all my grand ideas went whooshing out the window with the rest of 2013. 
We started school this Monday, and already I can't wait for Summer.  The first semester is somewhat easier since I have motivation to finish school.  If I don't, I know exactly what I'll be doing after volleyball practice.  Great motivation, huh? 
But with this semester I normally have quite a big chunk of time to do school in.  Thus, I procrastinate more.  Don't you love my logic?? 
I have to admit, although I really do miss sleeping in every morning, I don't mind so much having something productive to do!  Lounging around the house in my sweats until 11 in the morning was fun, but I'm glad I can't do that everyday.  It just makes me feel so much more tired and lazy.  Figures. 

Oh oh oh!  So I just saw the new part of Pinterest and I'm already loving it!!!  A section where you can find pins specifically personalized for you???  This site just got 10x more addictive!  And it even shows you what pins inspired this category.  Just brilliant.  I'm hoping that next they'll make a button above a pin that you can push when you've accomplished whatever the pin was about.  For example a recipe, or a craft, or some house-hold tip.   We need to make a petition. :) :)
So if you follow me on Pinterest (which you should), you'll see I kind of went crazy pinning Catching Fire pins.  Which would probably lead you to believe that I went and saw it in the theaters.  In which case, you would be correct!  This Sunday, my mom and I went on a little date to go see Catching Fire.  She's still somewhat mad at me for convincing her to go, because of how depressing and real it was, but she enjoyed it all the same.  I have to say, it was really well done.  All of the conflict, all of the people, Katniss was brilliant, it was all REALLY COOL.
Alright-y then.  Ten minutes and I'll get to be off for an epic (and tiring) day at the Smiths.  I'll be there babysitting from 9 to 4, so wish me luck!!  Thanks for listening to my random overview of this week! 

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