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Monday, December 23, 2013

Three days until Christmas!  Gosh, time has flown.  It's been full of the usual Gingerbread houses (which I didn't get to participate in), warm drinks, wishing for snow, whispered secrets and Pentatonix.  Which I just listened to "officially" for the first time last night.  I must say, their voices are absolutely INCREDIBLE and have a way of putting me in a Christmas mood after listening to the first ten seconds of their song! 
It took a few songs to convince my siblings they were actually making the music without instruments.  So far Little Drummer Boy and Can't Hold us are our two favorites.  Pentatonix is definitely going on my Pandora station list!

So.  Curious things from this week:)

Coffee date with Anna Weddle.  Probably one of the biggest highlights of my week!  She has always been our favorite babysitter and always will be.  We sat and talked for about two hours, just hashing over life and drinking Starbucks. 

No school!!  Certainly a curious happening!  Of course this means that Christmas is nigh, and it also means more free time (whoo whoo!)  To make use of our free time, we've already done a dramatic nerf war (which I obviously won), made a trip to the library, and baked sugar cookies.  It also means that I've done more Pinterest, more fun reading, and more LOTR quizzing on Quiz Up.  That app is seriously addictive.

SNOW!!!  Another thing I love about this time of year.  I was so excited to see it start to fall.  Why be cold if there isn't any snow to go with it?
The Keeley's really have the best hills for sledding.  We made plenty of memories, my favorite being trying to sled down on top of Emily.  That was interesting, to say the least:) :)

(Me, my dad and my bros shoveling out the Steinbach's driveway while they're on vacation)

Lasagna soup.  Another one I don't have pictures of, but I made it and OH HEAVEN.  The spices were perfect in the soup, and it was well worth the time it took.  The only thing I would say is to either do much smaller bite-size pieces of the lasagna noodles, or different noodles all together.  Yum!  I'm such an Italian-lover.  Gimme lasagna and a bread stick and you'll be my best friend.  I also love soup.  So combining those is pretty spectacular in my opinion!

Quote Wall.  I love my room.  Absolutely love it.  It's such a blessing to have my own space.  It's like my little "Chloe bubble".  I can stay down there for hours.  But then I get bored of my own company and emerge upstairs for some extravert time! :)  It's also fun because I can decorate it the way I want, hence the quote wall.

Any time I find a verse or quote or cool word I scribble it on a piece of paper and stick it up.  It's my version of Avery's art wall where she has all her drawings on one wall.  It's really impressive!

My parent's Christmas gift!  *checks to make sure they aren't behind me*  I'm SO THRILLED with how it turned out!!!!!  It's bigger then I realized, which is why it cost so much, (duh, Chloe) but I love it.  This is probably going to be my favorite present to give on Christmas morning.

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell.  Yes, I've started it!  And I already love it.  I'm trying to save it for our six hour trip to Iowa but we'll see.  With nothing going on today and plenty of time...... :) :) 

And look, the sun has come out!  It's making the snow sparkle....  Great way to end this post.  Merry Christmas everyone!!!  Have a wonderful Christmas break!


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  1. Ha ha! Love your quote wall! It's still art in a way, just word art, not drawing art:)


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