Highlights of 2013

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

It's January 1st, 2014.  I was just getting used to saying 2013, and now I'm totally messed up with 2014.  For some odd reason, though, the even years are easier for me to remember then the odds.  I'm weird that way:)
My favorite highlights of 2013..... Phew.  Big task I have here for myself.  None of these will be in order, just the order I find them on my computer:)

Starting this blog for one thing!  Does this mean I've been officially blogging for a year?  Craziness.  I've loved it!  Not to say I haven't been jealous of other bloggers' beautiful blogs/unfaithful with posting consistently/or experienced technical issues.  Because I have.   But I've also grown in both my writing skills and in my photography, as well as learning (through much trial and error) what kind of posts I enjoy and what posts I'm doing just because they're easy!

MY OWN ROOM!!!  Def one of the biggest highlights hands down.  I've gone from this:

To this:

To this:
To this:
To what I'm now living in:

I promised a post about the process a long time ago, and that'll be coming soon!  Now that I'm settled in and have my bed covers and all, I really want to give you all the "tour". :) 
Summer Workshop 2013.  This was a pretty eye-opening experience for me.  For one thing, it was the first camp I'd ever gone to.  For another, I was with people my age who weren't necessarily Christians or homeschooled (although the majority were).  I learned everything you could imagine about writing, and got so many helpful critiques on my story!
I loved it- but the funny thing is I'm not sure God is calling me to go back this year.  I was so ready to come back a few months ago, but I've been thinking about it a lot, and I really have no big desire to go back any more.  WHICH IS SO WEIRD.  Because I was so sure I wanted to.  But now- not so much.  I've started praying hard, because I know June will come up way too fast.  Whatever it is I'm going to do, I know it's going to be exciting because God's in control of my life, and there ain't nothing that can shake that.

An amazing Junior High volleyball season.  Swallowing my pride this year has been a little something God's been working on for me.  For one thing, I was the oldest on my junior high team playing with girls 5 years younger then me.  My head knew I wasn't good enough to be on JV with only a year of experience, but my heart wanted so badly to move up with all my friends on JV.  So that was a big pride-swallower.  Another was our winning streak suddenly ending.  We had won every single game we played that year until Heritage.  It was a long night and we were all exhausted by the end, but long story short we lost.  Which was also SUPER difficult after winning so many. 

But you know what?  As crazy as it is, I don't think I'd changed it.  If I had the possibility to go back and play one more year with all my friends I don't think I would.  God took this season that I was dreading and turned it upside down, helping me to become more confident and to make new friendships during the process.  I'm really excited for this coming season, but I'm so blessed to have been able to play this last one.  God knew what he was doing.  I just wish I could always remember that.

Getting to see Frozen and Desolation of Smaug in the theaters.  TOTALLY highlights.  Both of them.  There's something about being in the theater with the huge screen and the surround-sound that just makes the movie ten times better (or ten times worse, depending on what movie it is).


Writing my second "official" novel and growing in my writing confidence.  *happy dance*  I actually finished my novel!! And I have SO MUCH to edit but I finished it!!!

Watching Noah play Junior High tackle football.  This was fun just because this was our first year in the football family, so the whole running up and down the sidelines screaming until you're hoarse thing was pretty new to us!  We'd done it to some extent when we'd come to support the team years previous, but somehow it's different having your little brother in there!

Biggest highlight, though?  Seeing how much God really is changing me.  As I grow closer to him and learn to trust him more, I'm starting to see how much He really loves me and is taking care of me every step of the way.  To tell you the truth I'm excited for what this year is going to bring.  Even though it'll probably feel like nothing's happening, I have evidence.  I'm not the same person I was  a year ago!  Just read my diaries!  :) 
Thanks to you all for sticking with me through my blog attempts this year.  Have a wonderful first day of 2014!

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  1. What a fun, insightful, and enjoyable post! You're right, so much HAS happened this year! Your room is adorable, by the way! And isn't it funny how things that seem like such big issues at the time are eventually shrunk in retrospect? I loved hearing your perspective on both the events that have happened this year and how God has changed your heart in how you view them. And congrats on a year of blogging! I've enjoyed your blog as much as you have!

    1. I know, it's funny and humbling to think back on my year. So much of the stress now seems so silly, but I know that at the time it felt very real! Thank you for always taking the time to read and (better yet) comment! <3


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