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Monday, December 02, 2013

Hunger Games.

 I watched this for the first time on my birthday and REALLY enjoyed it.  Maybe not so much as Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, but I did like it.  I read the book series first (of course) and I was astounded at how much they stuck to the book.  Like, through the entire movie.  Mind-boggling, isn't it?  I wish all the other producers would take heed.  Hmph. 

Oh and if you were all wondering I did cry.  During a few parts.  I cry at like every movie I watch so that shouldn't be a surprise..... I even cried for North and South.  SPEAKING OF WHICH.

Getting to re-watch North and South with Jerica!  Definitely a highlight!  You know I enjoyed it just as much the second time.  I noticed new things, and it was fun to be the one who knew what happened and not be the one completely stressed about the end.  Although that's not to say I wasn't still stressed.  Because believe me, it's just as stressful the second time! 
Jerica loved it just as I hoped she would, and I mean how can you not?  Staying up until 12, pigging out on ice cream and cuddled up in blankets as we watch one of the best movies in the world?  We certainly created memories:)

My new duvet covers:  *happy squeal* I've waited too long in showing these to you guys.  Ready?

It was perfect timing, because just about the time I got them the weather began to get much colder, so I wasn't sweltering under all the layers:) 

My mom's puppy chow.  We WAY over-do the powered sugar part of the equation when it comes to this dessert. And it's always perfect, huge clumps and lots of sugar. Mmmmm. 


Finding my main character's best friend for my newest novel! 

I can't tell you how excited I am!! He has the hair color and style, the eyes, the smile- everything I wrote down for him. This NEVER happens. I always find someone who is close but not close enough. Maybe the next blog post can be an inclusive interview from him and Becka:) 

Quiz-Up. Another fun thing during Jerica's visit was quizzing each other on this app. It has every topic you can think of, and you can either quiz random people or you can find friends on Quiz-Up and challenge them. 

Just for fun Jerica and I tried topics we knew nothing or little about, like Taylor Swift, spices, and Justin Beiber. It was quite entertaining! 

Visiting the Eisenhower museum! 
Believe it or not I've never been there, so I had a blast seeing things from this time period. I also saw the infamous statue that I've seen so many pictures of, right Mary Frances? :)
We visited it with the Smiths and the Hoffmans, who were visiting from out of town.

Left to right: Tr Hoffman, Addie Mae, Layney, Brynley, and Adam Hoffman. 

Top left corner and down: Noah, Parker Hoffman, and Gabrial.
Top right corner and down: Micah, Christian Hoffman, and Canaan. 

We had a blast! 
Jam writing.  Right along the lines with my story, recently I've been doing a bunch jam writing, which Savanna introduced to me.  Obviously I'd heard it before but I'd never looked into it.  My  novel has so many problems and holes that I finally thought, why not give it a shot?  In my second jam writing "session" I was just doodling along and then BAM.  Huge plot twist that led to another plot twist that led to an idea for my villain.  Can you imagine my delight?  Oh the things I'm going to put my poor characters through...
Excuse my messy handwriting:)

Kerrie Roberts: Outcast.  LOVE this song!  Kerrie has a beautiful voice, and this song is just so fun. 

Red skinny jeans.  No, I don't have any, but I've certainly been looking!  I was happy to buy a new pair of grey skinny jeans that are the same cut as my new black ones, but what I really want is colored.  According to Mary Frances Gap is the place to be! 

Last but not least, from the blogger world:
The Sweet {Tooth} Life: Fall RoundupOh my gosh every single recipe on this post looks DELICIOUS.  Like I want to drive over to her house right now and eat it all up.  True story.
Diary of A Nutrition Addict: Red Stripes and Polka Dots.  This is the sweetest poem, really it is.  Go read it.  It'll make your day!
And there are certainly  more, but pretty much all the other blogs I follow are private, so even if I told you about the amazing posts they bloggers are churning out you wouldn't be able to read them!  Oh well.  Such is life.
Chloe <3 <3

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  1. Those duvet covers are so cute! So many things in this post that I just love - those red jeans (and you would rock them!) the "I AM A GENIUS" in your jam writing (I totally have those moments!) and all your recommendations. I will have to look up that song (Youtubing it as we speak:) and that app looks like a blast. These are so fun because I get to discover new things that I want to try! Thumbs up Chloe!

    1. Oh, hehe, yes, I didn't think you were going to look THAT closely.....:) :) Oh well, I don't mind, I certainly felt like a genius at the time!
      I know, I love it! And I keep forgetting to comment on your "Things I'm loving" posts but I love reading them! In fact I'm going to comment now.

  2. Great post Chloe! Love the red skinny jeans! So many fun things in this post!

    1. Thanks Anna!!! Aren't they adorable? I have yet to find some like it:)


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