Wednesday, December 04, 2013

I've been waiting awhile to do this, so after I mentioned it in my previous post I thought why not do it for the next post?  I haven't "officially" introduced you all to my new friends.  More specifically Becka Burnette.  This girl has seriously been so fun to get to confer with.  We're both in conflict over who she ends up with in the end, and HOW exactly that happens, but she doesn't really know what I have in store for her.  *malicious cackle*  I really am cruel.
But back on topic.  Maybe you'll like her a little more knowing what's going to happen to her.  Or trying to guess what's going to happen, anyway.  :)

Shivering from the cold winds, I hastily slid my card through the slot by the door and then pushed it open and walked inside.  Spread through the whole hall were at least twenty gleaming tables that were as wide as the whole building.  Cozy booths  lined the side of one wall, and on another side a long buffet line stretched across the opposite wall.  I could only imagine what sorts of meals the children were served here.  The place looked like it had been spared no expense, and while it was professional it was also very clean and efficient. 
Now.  The third booth on the right was where she said.  Moving carefully through the maze of tables, I made my way over to the booth.  Sure enough, sitting with her napkin already covered with doodles, was Becka.
She started when she saw me and quickly shoved the napkin in her pocket. 
"Hello!" I held out my hand to her.  "I'm here to interview you.  You are Becka, correct?"
She smiled warmly and shook my hand.  "Yes.  And you are-?"
Sitting down across from her I took out my  notepad and flipped it open.  "Oh names aren't important.  Now, Becka.  Please tell me basic information about yourself.  Age, birthday, ST number, etc."

"I am sixteen years old, and my birthday is January the 41st.  My ST number was taken away when I went on tour."
Perfect.  She was making my job easy.  "Tour?  What tour?"
She shot me a look of surprise, but before I could really see it her features quickly melted back into the friendly smile.  "I'm surprised you haven't heard of it." 
This girl was smart.  She knew my game and I hers.  "Well lets say I haven't.  Enlighten me, please."
Becka pushed one of her stray curls behind her ear and then said, "Since we are the last community before we are on our own, the presidential figure wanted select talented teens from this community to take a sort of "prodigy" tour.  I enjoy art, and-"
"Enjoy?" I tapped my pencil on the table.  "Come now, Becka.  Surely you more then enjoy."

She didn't seem ruffled by my interruption.  "My art teacher thought I had a talent, and she recommended me."
Goodness, she certainly didn't waste words.  "Excellent, excellent." I glanced over my questions.  "So Becka, can you tell me about your friends here?"
She opened her mouth to speak but I beat her to it.  "Guy friends, in particular?"
Ah, there was that blush. Finally. 
"I don't think-"
"Oh of course dear!" I laughed.  "Personal things, I understand, I understand... Now.  Can you remember your parents at all?"

Here eyes widened.  "Of course not.  I was taken away from them when I was three days old, as I'm sure you were.  Do YOU have any memory of YOUR parents?"
I'd hit the mark.  This was even better the reaction about the boy.   "Tsk, tsk.  Aren't I the interviewer here?"
I saw that she'd been clenching her fists and as she saw me looking at them she quickly uncurled them.  "Yes, of course.  Please continue."

For the rest of the interview I asked meaningless questions and got meaningless answers.  But I'd gotten what I wanted and she knew it.
At the end of the interview I closed my notepad and stood up.  "Thank you so much for humoring me in this, miss Becka.  I assure you your answers will be put to excellent use."
She stood up as well.  "I'm happy to be of service to the government."
But her eyes showed no pleasure.  Oh yes, this Becka Burnette was an interesting character.  A very interesting character indeed.


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  1. Oooo, Chloe I like it! Let me read it when you're done!

    1. Will do!! I'm sorry I never re-sent my story to you after I sent the wrong one... I'll try to do it tonight:)

  2. Um, can I get a copy, too!?!? Pretty pretty please! I'm very interested to see why the parents are so important ... and why Becka was taken away at age 3. Is this inspired by the Hunger Games? Sounds really good! You've got a great interviewer tone of voice, girl! :)

    1. Well I'm not sending out this current story but I can send you Dragon's Blood if you promise to ne really nice:)
      Mm it's sort of like Hunger Games, the same dystopian feel and messed up government. I'm having fun with the whole "other world-liness" of it. :D thanks so much for commenting!!

    2. p.s. I WAS going to send it to you as well as Anna but then I uploaded the wrong file and had already shut the whole computer down and I didn't feel like re-doing it all. ;)

  3. I like it! I'd love to read more, too :). Oh, and something that really intrigued me--you said her birthday is January 41st? Do they have different months/lengths of months, or is it just a typo? :P Anyway, it got me interested...

    1. Yeppers:) I'm doing my own calendar for them!!! It's fun!!!!!
      :) we'll see how well I can pull this off


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