Who? {Aunt Precious}+{Uncle Jim}

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Recently I found a great article with a list of blog post ideas for a year.  It's pretty sweet!! On the nineteenth day the only word was, "Who?"  Immediately a list of people, famous or otherwise ran through my mind.  And those are all great.  This person ain't famous or fancy, but she's an INCREDIBLE person, and I want to talk a little about her.

Precious Angela Reed: I don't really remember my first memory of my aunt, but as I've gotten older I've made plenty with her.  I think something I love so much about her is how she's learned not to care what others think.  She knows the balance, which is something I've always struggled with.  She will say what's on her mind, but she does it with grace.
She balances out my goofy uncle really well too, and will laugh at him, with him, or just roll her eyes and smile.
The other thing that I really admire about her is her selfless care for others.  She is the most unselfish person I know, and that's saying something.  There are many times when she will give up things for us, or clean up after a meal without our help.  If someone needs something she's the first to volunteer to get it, and she's always happy doing so.

Precious is quirky in her own ways, and she has a dry sense of humor.

She also:
  • Rarely drinks water,
  • Has a huge collection of comfy pants, 
  • Loves cinnamon rolls, and
  • Gives the most amazing massages.  Seriously. 
Don't tell anyone, but she's one of my favorite aunts.  My uncle is truly blessed, as am I. :)  Speaking of my uncle...........

James Sylvester Reed: The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of my uncle is JOY.  Wherever he is, people are laughing or smiling.  He always has a funny joke for the waitresses who serve our table, or a little riddle, or a quirky song to make us grin.  When Uncle Jim is there, so is happiness.
I'm also extremely amazed by his joy considering what a difficult childhood he had.  His mom died when he was little and had to go live with his aunt, who made sure he knew that she didn't want him.
He also served in the war and saw many, many horrific things that could've scarred him and made him old and cranky and grumpy.  But he isn't!  Quite the contrary!  He has chosen to let God work through his experiences so that he can now bring joy to people every day! 
One experience he is working through now is cancer, and I'm almost crying just thinking about it.  I can't imagine a world without him, and I don't even want to think about what Precious is going through, or my mom, to whom he was much like a dad.  But I know that whatever happens he is secure in God's arms, and will probably be telling Him a joke or two along the way.

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  1. This is one of my all-time favorite posts! Your writing skills have allowed you to describe them in such a way that isn't boring at all! I feel like I know them, even though I haven't even met them. Not everyone can do that, Chloe! Great job. Your Aunt Precious sounds like a kindred spirit... cinnamon rolls? Yes, please!

    1. Really? Awww thank you! It probably helps that I've already told you a lot about them:) :)
      Thanks for your sweet comment!


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