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One Night......

Friday, November 22, 2013

 I first remember the screams, blood-curdling screams of fear.  And the second thing I remember was light.  Overwhelming light.  Being only six at the time I began to cry, and was so scared I almost tripped over a sheep in my haste to get back to my mother. It was chaos, and I could barely see over the hundreds of massive white sheep.  It terrified me and I screamed louder.  Where was my family?  But then something stopped me.
  My dress dirty and my face streaked with tears I turned in the direction of the powerful voice that filled our field and echoed across the hills.  My first instinct was to start crying again.  It was so big, and I was so alone.  But the voice was strangely comforting, and though I didn't know what it was at the time I felt peaceful.  "Peace be with you."
  I saw a glowing form in the sky, the stars seeming dull in comparison behind it.  I think I realized that it was a man, but since I have heard the story so many times I cannot be sure.  I was sure of one thing, though.  He seemed to be talking to me.  I was astonished, and not a little frightened. 
  "Do not be afraid, for I have good news for you!"  Good news?  For me?  My little six-year-old self brightened.  Would I be getting the pony I wanted after all?

  "A Messiah has been born in the city of David."  Messiah?  David?  These were definitely not what I was expecting.  Maybe he was suggesting names for my new horse.  Yes that was it.
  Abruptly the sky filled with blinding light and I screamed and fell backwards.  Shining forms that I now know were angels filled the sky and began to sing.  It was unlike any music I had heard, and I loved it.  It was so beautiful.  My face lifted up to the sky I closed my eyes, listening, forgetting for a moment that I was supposed to be lost and cold and lonely.....
  And this was how my family found me, lying on the ground, my eyes closed, a peaceful smile still hovering on my lips, my breathing slow and steady as I dreamed of shining horses. 

  The rest of my memory of that night is only bits and pieces.  How I wish I remembered more.  But the one thing that is ingrained in my memory even more then the angels or the song or the light was the baby.  He was a beautiful baby, his skin was soft and he had beautiful eyes.  How do I know?  Every time I remember this part I smile.  I got to hold him. Then I of course I didn't think anything of it.  It was a baby, a very pretty baby, but just a baby.  Wasn't he?  When I asked the mom his name she laid her hand on my arm and smiled at my family who were all clustered around me.   "His name- is Jesus."


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    1. Well thank you!! And I'm glad you commented! I didn't realize you read my blog! :) :)

  2. Aren't these fun to write? I did one from a sheep's (yes, I know, a sheep:) perspective last year ... thanks for reminding me of this, I had completely forgotten! This is beautiully written Chloe!

    1. Awww, thank you Mary!
      Yes I've always loved taking different perspectives in stories. A sheep? That's fantastic!! Now I want to read it girl!!


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