Two Years Ago Sunday

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Two years ago Sunday I started my thirteenth birthday journal, and since this Sunday I turned fifteen I re-read it.  I almost died.  I was so dramatic and silly and I had the longest diary posts.
Would you like to hear some?  This is the first entry:

This has been the best birthday!  I am officially 13!  A teenager, me?  I have received hundreds of gifts, cards, treats, and well-wishes.  To start off my morning, Daddy and I were supposed to get cinnamon rolls together.  But he slept in and forgot.  We're going to tomorrow, though!
Since the kids, (Lala, Gabe, and Noah) all went to Co-op, Brynley, Mama, and I ran some errands together.  Then we went to Hobby Lobby and I got some supplies!  It was awesome!  I just felt so loved when Mama asked: "So, is there anything you want to do this morning?"
......................  After lunch (delicious leftovers) we hurried to Writing Class.  Everybody commented on my outfit (oo la la!) and wished me a Happy Birthday!
For two hours we chit-chatted about who knows what.  We also played one of my favorite things in the world: "The Game of Things".

Since I had sacrificed warmth for beauty, I was left with no socks.  My were freezing by the end of the Writing Class!  After class we had fudge, and they gave me presents.  Each symbolized what they loved about me!

Hannah: An anchor pin.  It symbolizes how I've always stood by her, even when other friends haven't.  (It's going to look adorable on my denim jacket!)

Natalie: A mini cupcake because I'm sweet:)

Savanna: This awesome notebook!

Mary Frances: Color coordinated tissues with an amazing smelling pink hand sanitizer.  Her symbol- like tissues, I'm always there when they need me.

Avery: A super cool cardboard butterfly!!  Since she was at home, sick, her card told me what she loved about me:
"I am giving this butterfly to you because it sort of acts like you.  You're beautiful and delicate, but still willing to take on a long journey.  Some girls choose to stay a caterpillar because it's "easier".  But to truly be a godly women you have to choose to le God transform you into a butterfly and help you on your journey.
p.s. You are a really, really cute butterfly!

Jessica: Honey melt cookies, because I'm as sweet as honey.


We also voted on whether to give gifts for Christmas or to give for charities.  The vote was gifts.  Secretly I'm kind of glad.  Now I get to think of something fun to give to Hannah!!
My special birthday supper was pork-chops,  mashed potatoes, (from a box!  milestone!) and broccoli.  Yum!  Just thinking about it makes me hungry all over again! :) :)

At 6:30 the Hiltons picked me up.  I've been babysitting 5 kids for their little church group every Thursday.  Thank goodness this is the last day.  There are five kids, all under the ages of seven, crammed in a basement for 2 HOURS.  To me, it's a lifetime..
BUT the good thing is- I get paid $100!  hello camera!
I stayed up until 10:00 tonight...

Phew.  That took awhile to type.  ;)  Here's my last entry:

It's my fourteenth birthday, and last diary entry in this notebook.  Sad to think about!  I read through all my diaries, including this one.  They made me laugh and smile.  Many times.
This year is almost gone.  Obama is president, I'm 14, and almost a high-schooler.  What new things will God show me?  Who else will I meet?  And what I learn?
All predictable questions, but still.  I do wonder......

Told you I was dramatic:)  How about you all?  Do you (or did you) keep diaries?

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  1. LOVE it!!! You sound just like me in my thirteenth year journal! You're so funny! I love how to documented everyone's gifts, it's interesting to read:)

    1. We were pretty dramatic weren't we? Hopefully we've both changed a little bit!! :) :)

  2. Oh, I love this! I'm impressed you have such a "clean" diary! :) My entries are often messy in their logic and thoughts about others. It was so fun to think about how much each of us has grown in the last few years. Great post!

    1. WELL let's face it: This is pretty much the only "clean" diary entry. The first ones normally are. And then it kind of spirals down. :) Thanks!!!!


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